Frankie's Ice Lollies

Brand extension for Frankie’s – from soft drinks to ice lollies

KZN beverage company, Frankie’s, has announced it’s extending the soft drink brand into the realm of frozen treats/snacks, with the launch of a range of ice lollies based on its four top-selling, olde-worlde flavours. [Click pic to enlarge.]

The new product has been more than a year in the planning and has come about as a result of a contract packaging deal with Bloemfontein-based Sunkist Manufacturing.

Cloudy Lemonade, Original Cream Soda, Cinnamon Cola and a first for Africa, Traditional Ginger Beer, are the flavour variants.

Frankie's packagingThe lollies are packaged in a trademarked plastic tube that, when frozen, easily snaps into two equal parts creating a product that can easily be shared. They are attractively presented in the companies’ trademark ‘olde fashioned’ style and are packaged in bags of 5 x 90ml lollies per bag.

“The attraction of this product for the retailer is that it can be merchandised either in a freezer or on the ambient shelves,” says Frankie’s Mike Schmidt. “In fact it is designed to be taken and frozen at home.”

To assist with the initial promotion of the new range Frankie’s have produced an eye-catching dump bin for in-store display purposes.

“We did not want just another ice lolly for the SA market”, he adds. “In line with our range of drinks, we were determined to produce a quality product that would stand out in the marketplace. Our Traditional Ginger Beer Lolly is a first for the South African market and I am delighted to report that it tastes fantastic.”

As regards Frankie’s relationship with Sunkist, Schmidt says, “I believe the plastic tube was the only way to go when deciding the final look of our new product. We had hoped to deliver this new product last summer but production constraints meant that we had to put everything on hold until this year. Now that I have seen the final product, I know we have a potential winner”.

The lollies have an RSP of R15 for a bag of five and will be widely available throughout South Africa by the end of October 2013.

The packaging design is by Espresso, Durban, and the outer bag packaging itself is made by Packaging World, Pinetown.

Frankie’s made big headlines late last year following spat with Woolworths over the retailer’s alleged plagiarism of its product concept.

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