Bottled water designed to aid cancer patients’ hydration

Aqua Delight is a functional water designed and developed in the US to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Around half of all chemotherapy patients suffer from metallic taste in the mouth as a side effect of their chemotherapy drug. This side effect causes food and drink to taste metallic, bitter, acidic or otherwise bad, which makes it difficult for them to eat and drink.

This condition contributes to dehydration among chemotherapy patients. Aqua Delight obviates the metallic, bitter, acidic and other bad tastes that many chemotherapy patients experience.

“We’re very excited about the release of Aqua Delight, because it provides metallic taste relief for many chemotherapy patients who are already suffering enough,” said L Allen Heneveld, founder and CEO of Pure Delight. “Water intake is essential for their recovery. Not only do they love Aqua Delight’s pure, smooth and refreshing taste, but they actually enjoy drinking water again! This makes it easy for them to get hydrated, stay hydrated and optimise their recovery.”

“Usually, after chemo, I have to be driven to the hospital for a saline IV because I’m so dehydrated,” said Aqua Delight test patient Claudette Osborne. “Aqua Delight tasted great to me – no metallic taste – so I was able to drink the water I needed. As a result, I didn’t require a saline IV during my last treatment. In fact, I drove myself to the doctor for my blood tests.”

Like many significant discoveries, Aqua Delight was discovered serendipitously. In 2009, a friend of Heneveld’s had a 10-year old son who was battling brain cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. The boy was experiencing metallic taste and, as a result, wouldn’t drink water.

His parents were very concerned about dehydration. Heneveld suggested they try his Aqua Delight solution. The family agreed. After their son’s first sip, he loved it. There wasn’t any metallic taste and a new product was born.

According to its website, Aqua Delight goes through an extensive purification process, involving carbon filters, reverse osmosis, steam distillation, UV exposure and ozone, after which trace amounts of a proprietary mineral blend (sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate, dipotassium phosphate and calcium chloride) is added to enhance its taste.

The water was first made available for sale, on a small-​scale basis, at the end of 2010.

In addition to providing a product that helps cancer patients, Pure Delight donates to cancer support groups and cancer research.

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