BOS Ice Tea moves into Tetra Prisma

BOS Ice Tea has added another member to its family of organic Rooibos products: new BOS one litre and 500ml Tetra Prisma packs.

Says a company press release:

Using innovative TetraPrisma packaging, BOS has ensured that they deliver the same authentic BOS taste – without the need for preservatives.

On the outside, it’s the cool BOS design we’ve come to know and love; on the inside it’s the same BOS taste: organic Rooibos, natural fruit flavours – without preservatives, colourants or caffeine.

The new one litre is the perfect value pack for home while the new re-sealable 500 ml adds versatile on-the-go functionality to the range.

The BOS tea familyBOS Ice Tea has always committed to helping the environment. Because the materials for the new BOS Tetra packs are sourced from renewable forests, the production process is one of the most sustainable packaging innovations to date. Typically, one tree makes 11 000 one-litre packs. BOS’s sustainability promise means they will plant and maintain one tree for every 2 000 packs sold.

Available in Lemon, Apple and Peach flavour, the new BOS Tetra Prisma pack is the sensible, slightly grown-up member of the BOS family.

To find out about the BOS’s commitment to sustainability visit:


  • BOS is a range of organic rooibos ice teas blended with all-natural fruit flavours – peach, lemon, apple, berry, lime & ginger and cranberry energy. It is preservative, colourant and caffeine free.
  • The BOS packaging is bold, colourful, and graphic exuding a youthful, and open spirit.
  • BOS Ice Tea appeals to people of all ages who have an optimistic outlook on life, an appreciation for great aesthetics, and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The BOS philosophy is-”Being healthy and being robustly cool haven’t always gone together, but they can.”
  • BOS premium quality organic rooibos is farmed exclusively at Klipopmekaar rooibos farm and private nature reserve. At the vanguard of organic and ethical farming, Klipopmekaar’s approach is intrinsic to the BOS experience.
  • For more information, visit