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Bisphenol A substitutes ‘years away’, says metal packaging body

A host of industry-led projects are currently underway to discover bisphenol A (BPA) alternatives for metal packaging – but a viable option is unlikely to reach the market for several years, says a leading US trade body.

In an interview with, Dr John Rost, chairman of the North American Metal Packaging Alliance (NAMPA), revealed that a huge amount of research has already been set in motion to find a universal substitute for the controversial chemical used in the epoxy linings of food and beverage cans.

“We are all working to find innovative alternative solutions and doing so in a highly competitive and demanding market environment,” he said.

Developments are being kept a closely-guarded secret, with companies seemingly intent on shunning partnerships in favour of solo projects.

“Individual companies are conducting their own research and development activities, independent of one another,” said Dr Rost. “I am not aware of any partnerships formed for the purpose of finding new coating formulations.”

But he said that no complete solution was on the horizon that could match BPA in terms of performance and safety. “There is a great deal of research underway at this time, but the fact remains there is no readily available alternative to BPA for all the types of metal food and beverage packaging currently in use,” said Dr Rost. Read more

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