Espresso in microwave

An ingenious espresso maker, designed for the microwave

Has the impossible happened? Has someone built the first amazing microwave espresso maker? Possibly.

Brewing world-class coffee is fairly inexpensive. All you need is a grinder and a kettle and some sort of combination of a funnel and filter. Good espresso ups the ante by about tenfold. You need pressure. Pressure is expensive, it’s hugely bulky and still requires a level of finesse to pull a perfect shot. Since the 1930s, the solution has been the moka pot, but a moka pot needs a stove.

Out of Germany comes the Piamo Espresso Maker, designed by Christoph and Hendrik Meyl, along with Lunar, an elegant, microwaveable entry in the world of at-home espresso.

Making an espresso with piamo is quick. Piamo is essentially a microwaveable moka pot, inverted. You pour water in a reservoir up top and insert an espresso pad or ground coffee in the middle. Then you set the microwave for 30 seconds. Steam pressure builds in the reservoir, pushing water through the grounds into a cup. You’re done.

Who is behind piamo? Project realisation is by gemodo coffee, a young German company devising ways new alternatives for preparing hot beverages. Products for daily use being progressive, practical and pers

Where do you find piamo? Piamo is available through crowd funding on startnext, the German equivalent to kickstarter. Piamo-supporters can secure their piece starting at 40,00 € for early bird supporters. Read more