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Wrap of IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo

Over 23 500 food professionals from all over the globe gathered in Chicago for the IFT 2013 Annual Meeting & Food Expo from July 13–16, 2013, to make this year’s event a huge success. Few South Africans were likely there — but if you’d like to do the show and lectures posthumously, IFT has made it easy for you via the IFT Live website.

This year’s event featured 1,171 exhibitors, which is an almost 10% increase from last year. The number of international exhibitors was 384 from 35 countries. More than 100 educational sessions and 1,000+ poster sessions provided information on the latest developments and trends in food science.

Obviously, one person can’t make it to everything that the meeting had to offer in just four short days. IFT Live—the official electronic show daily—offers the chance for you to see what you may have missed. This year, IFT Live contains 90+ articles from the event, written by the Food Technology magazine editorial staff. Not only does IFT Live offer articles covering the show, it also includes a photo gallery and videos taken at the show.

But a few samples of what’s to read and view:

Video: Gluten-Free Goes Mainstream

A prominent trend at the 2013 IFT Food Expo was gluten free. Several exhibitors are showcasing their ingredient solutions in novel gluten free products. 

Video: Energy Ingredients Amp Up Food Expo

Maintaining energy throughout their hectic day is high on the agenda of many consumers. Formulating functional yet tasty energy products is also front and center for many exhibitors at the 2013 IFT Food Expo.

Nutrinova Launches New Sweetener Platform

A new sweetener system, Qorus, was launched at the IFT Food Expo by Nutrinova, the food ingredient business of Celanese. The system is designed to assist food and beverage formulators in achieving what the company describes as… 

Progress in High Oleic Soybean Oil

Commercialisation of high oleic soybean oil is moving ahead slowly in the United States, but the volume is expected to more than double from 300 million lbs in 2014 to 750 million lbs in 2015 , according to Qualisoy and the United Soybean Board.

Snacking and Satiety: How They Fit Together

Consumption data show that consumers are snacking more frequently, and, not surprisingly, calories from snacks have increased significantly. The relationship between snacking and obesity is controversial.

Penford Food Ingredients Introduces New Starches

Penford Food Ingredients announced the introduction of PenNovo 03 and PenNovo MD, new product lines that are highly soluble, enzymatically-treated starches that improve…

Natural Colours & Flavours Take Over, Says Mintel

Since the colour of a food product is often the first sensory reaction a consumer has, and flavour is what keeps customers buying, it is obvious why these two food ingredients are key to successful product development.

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