Water use infographic

What is your water footprint?

This interactive infographic from two students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design won a Visualizing.org World Water Day challenge to make the most impactful visual on the theme of urban water issues. The result reveals how water is used and likely wasted around the world in a variety of ways.

The stats are staggering, with the US taking the cake at 4 382 liters a day per person — compare this with South Africa (722 litres per day) or the UK (539 litres). The red represents the areas where access to water is poorest.

How much water do you consume based on where you are from? How much water do you consume based on what food, beverages, and products you purchase? This data visualization reveals the hidden water content in your nationality and your consumer goods. Label your lunch, your drink, your friends, yourself, even the whole world with its water footprint.

Click here to view the infographic in its entirety.