UK: New low cal caramel only Mars Bar

Confectionery giant Mars is set to launch a slimmer sister to its trademark Mars bar in the UK next month, with a new caramel only version containing 20% less calories.

The reduced calorie version of the classic candy bar – known as ‘Mars Caramel’ – has 56 fewer calories than a conventional Mars bar and will be launched as a ‘limited edition bar in UK stores. The UK launch follows success in the US, Canada and Australia.

Mars Caramel does not contain the original Mars bar’s classic thick layer of nougat. However, Mars says its UK launch of the ‘limited edition’ product capitalises on increasing consumer preferences for caramel – which is now one of the top three flavours in the chocolate category, and it’s confident the novelty, Limited Edition factor will also drive interest and sales.

This development comes some months after Mars made a commitment to reduce the calorie content of its chocolate via efforts in reformulation by the end of 2013, and it has pledged to stop selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories globally.

It first announced the R&D initiative earlier this year and has since revealed plans to reduce the size of its bars by more than 10%, after reporting that reformulating certain recipes will not provide enough of a calorie reduction.