UK Berry juices now available in SA

Stafford Bros & Draeger has been appointed as the official distributor for The Berry Company, a British company that has found phenomenal success with berry juices.

Aimed primarily at health and fitness enthusiasts, the juices have said to have beeen “a smash hit” in health-food stores and purveyors of fine foods and beverages everywhere. Not just in England, where The Berry Company launched, but in each country where they are introduced.

The ambient range of juices are 100% pure, premium quality, flash-pasteurized juices and are free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colourings.

Khaled Yafi, founder of the Berry Company, began with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry before adding goji and acai berry juices. Goji, which grows in China, is also known as the Duke of Argyll’s Tea Tree. Acai is a palm that grows in South America; the berry juice is claimed to have antioxidant properties and a long list of health benefits from increased energy to reduced cholesterol.
Tanya Wucherpfennig, senior brand manager for Stafford Bros & Draeger comments, We are very proud to be the official distributors of The Berry Companys ambient range of juices in South Africa and look forward to consumers enjoying this delightful beverage.

 “In addition, we believe that the brand’s unique selling point is the brand image. The packaging is modern, trendy and clean cut. It immediately registers with consumers and grabs their attention. The brand is iconic and we trust that as a key brand attribute it will distinguish The Berry Company from its competitors,” says Wucherpfennig.

The Berry Company has made five berry juices available in South Africa – Blueberry, Acai berry, Goji berry, Superberries Purple and Simplyberry Red. Each is available in one-litre packs, for approximately R39.