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Tetra stars on the breakfast table

Tetra Pak’s motto, protects what’s good, is perfectly apt for three new Tetra-packaged products, all launched to put added interest and health on the ready-to-drink/breakfast agenda.

Second ESL milk product from Clover

In a bid to further drive differentiation and growth of the milk category, Clover has launched vanilla-flavoured Clover Mmmilk.

According to Stephen Strachan, marketing manager of Clover’s SealFresh milk, as it calls its ESL (extended shelf life) milk, research shows that consumers understand the benefits of drinking milk, but still, many don’t drink enough because they’re put off by the taste of fresh milk, or dislike flavoured alternatives. ‘This is why we’ve introduced Clover Mmmilk, with an added a hint of 100% natural vanilla extracts, so that consumers can indulge in great taste while reaping all the benefits of nature’s wonder drink,’ says Stephen.

New Clover Mmmilk hit shelves in late August and, according to Stephen, sales are beyond expectation. It’s available in one-litre and 330ml Tetra Top packs, and thanks to the SealFresh technology has an extended shelf life of production +20 days.

Clover introduced SealFresh milk two years ago, choosing Tetra Pak for both the processing and packaging, and at the same time introducing the Tetra Top carton-bottle package to South Africa.

According to Tetra Pak, the Tetra Top offers notable flexibility. The TT/3 filling machine produces the entire Tetra Top product portfolio (250ml, 330ml, 500ml and one litre) and it has a twin-line solution and dual filling tanks that allows production of different package sizes simultaneously while filling two different products. For example, a one-litre base package with screw cap opening on one line filling milk, and a 330ml mini package with straw hole on the other line filling drinkable yoghurt. The capacity of the TT/3 machine is 9 000pph, irrespective of pack size.

Prior to pasteurisation and filling, the milk is processed in a Tetra Centri Bactofuge, a centrifugal separator that significantly decreases the bacteria and spore content of milk (between 98 – 99,5% for anaerobic spores), and which is a simple and economical ESL process method.

And just announced, Tetra Pak is introducing a one-step opening for this pack, the Tetra Top Eifel 038, that offers increased consumer convenience. With tamper evidence built into the cap, it has a 38mm opening, keeps its contents safe, is easy to reseal and is ideal for chilled dairy and juice products. These one-step openings are reported to be more efficient to transport due to a more rigid plastic in the top, which improves the stackability of the packages. This also eliminates the need for a full wrap around box, reducing secondary packaging costs.

Tetra Top Eifel O38 is currently completing final market testing in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland and is scheduled for worldwide availability during the second half of 2008.

Adding momentum to soy

Soy remains something of a waif to the bouncing and robust child that is dairy/juice drinks sector, but it has a growing market share with the burgeoning interest in health and nutrition across the world. Soy’s benefits are well-known and documented, among them cholesterol-lowering, for diabetes control and reducing the risk of several cancers. And, of course, legions of consumers, whether through choice or lactose-intolerance necessity, are eschewing dairy and seeking out viable alternatives.

Leading the soy beverage market by far in South Africa is Cape Town-based Good Hope International Beverages (GHIB), which has built substantial local and export market equity with its UHT soymilk, SoyShakes, Soy Smoothies and a range of soy-based functional health and protein bars.

Acquired a few years ago by liquor retailing mogul, Mike Kovensky, and operating out of a very stylish factory in Montague Gardens (yes, factories can be stylish – and this one is even designed on feng shui principals!), GHIB has two focuses, UHT fruit juices and soy and it has invested substantial R&D and marketing energy into the latter. Differentiating GHIB’s products is the inclusion of the nutritious goodness of the whole soybean, unlike other products which most commonly use soy protein isolates, and derived through a proprietary processing technology.

GHIB has big ambitions to shift soy into the mainstream and would eventually like to have a soy alternative in every appropriate retail category. GHIB is ratcheting up its soy game and reports that we can expect two exciting new products to hit the shelf shortly, following the recent introduction of the Good Hope Soy Smoothies (packaging by Lisa Losken Design in Cape Town.)

‘This versatile product is delicious on its own, can be used as an added ingredient to other smoothie recipes, or as a substitute for milk over cereal,’ comments Carel van der Merwe, GHIB’s national key accounts manager, adding that research confirms that most soy milk is consumed with breakfast cereals.

GHIB Smoothies are available in 250ml Tetra Pak Slim and one-litre Tetra Pak Square StreamCap packaging. The company’s TBA 1000 square filling line is the only one in Africa.

Soy-based drinks have been a global superstar: for instance, sales grew by 31% in total from July 2003 to July 2004*, and they enjoyed spectacular volume growth of 108% between 1998 and 2004**. The surge continues, if not at quite the pace. *ACNielsen ** Euromonitor

Fresh-faced and light PureJoy  

Parmalat has splashed out to the weight watchers with PureJoy Light, natural blended fruit juice with all the taste of a pure fruit juice, but with fewer kilojoules. The Weigh-Less-endorsed range comes in four flavours: Cranberry Cherry, Peach Apricot, Ruby Grapefruit and Mango Orange.

‘This new product complements our current PureJoy 100% juice range,’ says Rochelle McCarthy, product manager: beverages. ‘It is aimed at health-conscious consumers who enjoy their fruit juice, but also like to watch their kilojoules intake at the same time.’    PureJoy Light is available in two pack sizes: one-litre Tetra Brik with re-cap and 330ml Tetra Prisma with the new telescopic straw. This has an interlocking function, easily penetrating the pre-punched hole without any spillage. 

PureJoy is altogether looking more chic with new eye-catching branding and logo for greater impact and appeal. Across the ranges, imagery is of juicy fresh fruit against a refreshing green background.

‘The tide has turned for fizzy drinks,’ says Rochelle. ‘Consumers increasingly prefer the natural goodness and great taste of fruit juice. PureJoy’s packaging reflects Parmalat‘s ethos “Fresh. It’s in everything we do”, as well as the company’s drive to bring health-enhancing products to the market place.’

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