Tasty Fingers

Tasty new economy offering from I&J

Interesting to see more budget-conscious NPD coming to the fore and how apt for the times. Now in supermarket freeezers are I&J’s new Tasty Fingers, which the company says “will provide all the taste, plenty of protein, and a truly economical solution to feeding your family”.

I&J’s press release continues: “Ask any mother, and she’s likely to agree. Feeding a family has become a financial challenge in South Africa. We are all looking for the most cost effective ways of filling a plate with healthy, nutritious and tasty food – and I&J is actively seeking the same solutions.

“That is why I&J, producers of the iconic “Original Fish Finger” have developed an entry-level, great value, Tasty Finger.”

Made with a combination of potato and fish, coated in a crispy golden brown crumb,  tasty Fingers will retail in boxes of 12 fingers, for less than R19.

“Dip them in sauce, put them on a bun, add them to your breakfast plate, use them as a filler in your lunch time sandwich, or pile them up for a delicious dinner. I&J’s Tasty Fingers are the solution to providing your family with healthy fish that doesn’t break the grocery budget,” adds I&J.