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Take your business where it’s never been before!

We’ve all had a rough past year, and the challenges are not getting any easier. Thus, there’s likely never been a more important time to showcase your company, products and services to your target market, to create and keep customers – which, of course, is the very essence of business!

We can offer you the following 3-point special deal to catch new awareness and business by featuring on SA’s leading websites for the FMCG foodbev industries that, together, enjoy over four million page views pa!

So simple, so inexpensive, so effective!

A well-sized banner ad on both FOODStuff SA and DRINKStuff SA! 

  • It can be stationary and singular, or have 2/3 animated pages.
  • Include your logo, a by-line or some pertinent info, or call to action.
  • Hyperlinked to your website. A great way to get more traffic to your site!

At right are examples of the possibilities of these 285 x 150 pixel banner ads, exposure appreciated by several well known and regarded suppliers.

We can also create your ad at NO charge!

Why be on FOOD-DRINKStuff SA? 

  • Offer, by far, the biggest reach/viewership in the FMCG food-bev manufacturing digital media space.
  • Both sites have excellent traffic for specialised interests – in excess of 30K unique visitors pm.
  • Regular and regarded e-newsletter sent to some 9,000 recipients.
  • Excellent Google SEO status – first listings on the first page of Google for many relevant search terms.
  • If someone is searching for something in the SA foodbev industry, it’s highly likely they will hit FOODStuff SA or DRINKStuff SA first!
  • Well established (13 years) and regarded in the food-bev industry, with creditable editor/publisher.
  • Offer great ‘bang for buck’ and quantifiable value.

Pay only for what you get! 

  • R1 500 buys you 200 000 page views
  • R2 500 for 300 000
  • R3 000 for 400 000
  • R3 500 for 500 000 
  • R4 000 for 600 000
  • R6 000 for 1 million
  • R10 000 for 2 million

If you would like to take up this offer, or any permutation of it to suit your needs and budget, please contact me here:; 073 352 8318
Your support is greatly appreciated!

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