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Anuga SA Flag2

South Africa at Anuga 2015

Anuga SA Stand2Anuga is unparalleled as a business and information platform for the global food industry, and South Africa was one of 108 countries with a presence at the world’s largest food trade show. The scale of Anuga puts SA’s place in the world in rather diminutive perspective, but that’s not to say we’re not up there with the best when it comes to quality and innovation.

THE South African pavilion was again arranged and funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) who supported 41 local companies to get onto Anuga’s busy floors in Hall 11.1.

The DTI’s Gordon Gleimius commented: ‘Anuga is the global meeting place if you are in the food and beverage industry in South Africa. The five days will afford us the opportunity of not only networking with buyers and retailers from across the world, but also to place our products within a broader context of innovation and price.’

The companies represented were a mix of small, medium and large, and featured an interesting range of products, and among them, I found my “Food Product of Anuga 2015”! But that is deserving of its own story! Read more here

Anuga Berfin Anuga Coffee Capsules
Berfin travels the world promoting a number of leading SA food-drink brands, and its own products, with great success, too.
15 years later, Grant McGregor and Verena Thomas, reported proudly that they have established Ina Paarman as a household name in the Middle East and Caribbean islands, while Mrs Ball’s chutney is now available in 1 500 stores in the UK.
Berfin boasts customers in some 42 countries.

Now here’s an interesting coffee tale… Daniel Querido and Rayaan Mustapha have grown their Nespresso-compatible coffee pods business, CafféLuxe, based in Montague Gardens, from zero in 2012 to a sizeable export base of 25 countries, as well as a solid footprint in local retailers.

Lucky for them the Nespresso patent recently expired.
They were highlighting a new, fully compostable pod – an interesting development as the enviro credentials, or lack of them, is becoming a big issue for the sector.

Anuga Cape Foods Anuga Dynamic Commodities
Cape Foods’ Suzanne Zakanan and Gary Pedersen were relishing being at Anuga, promoting their extensive ranges of spices and condiments, including a new grinder and a new line that incorporates über-trendy pink Himalaya salt.
What’s so special about Himalaya salt? It’s very dense, has more minerals and is saltier than other sources, I was told.
PE’s long-famous exporter of premium frozen fruit and sorbets, Dynamic Commodities, always have something new to show, and this year was no different. Introducing Breakfast Apples, “scrumptious scooped apples filled with slow cooked oats and granola, mixed with orange flavour and cranberry pieces or cinnamon spice and raisins; topped with juicy cranberry pieces or raisins”.
Seen here are company’s directors, Manie Maritz and Adrian Vardy.
Anuga Rhodes Anuga GHBI
Fast-growing Rhodes Foods was at Anuga,  promoting its new Rhodes-branded fruit juice, following this year’s earlier acquisition of Pacmar in Wellington. Seen here are Edwin Kriel, Dawn Fraser, Richard Phillips, Annie Andrag and Wessel Zietsman.
Massive global competition in key category, canned fruit, doesn’t faze Rhodes, noted Phillips, who says SA’s fruit quality is a standout USP.
Good Hope International Beverages (GHIB) has been to Anuga many times with its extensive ranges of fruit juices, soy milks and wines…
Seen on its stand here are Arie Dekel and Tian du Toit, who were particularly excited about the company’s new almond milk, Almond Breeze, that they’re producing under licence of US company, Blue Diamond.
Anuga Just Aloe Anuga At Source
Nic Janik of Totally Wild, producers of mainly juices using SA’s indigenous, organic Aloe Ferox as a key ingredient. It is one of the first juice producers in SA to use hot-fill PET bottles to negate the need for preservatives.
Nic’s colleague, Barbara Kleinschmidt, who as been a leading advocate of Aloe Ferox for years, was not at Anuga. But she has been busy formulating a new aloe product, a soothing skin gel, that will be launched soon.

Not exhibitors, but Handri Conradie and Anton Erwee of Ceres’ snack/dried fruit company, At Source, were at Anuga to meet up with customers and scout out fresh ideas.

Anuga edible bowls Anuga Macadamia
Hats off to Georgina de Kock of Munch Bowls for conceptualising and realising this great innovation – crisp edible wheat bowls. Finish your goulash or soup, and then eat the bowl!
The aim is to offer an enviro-friendly alternative to the catering and hospitality sectors in a convenient and fun/funky format. Both sweet and plain variants are available.
This is Martie de Villiers, UK-based sales agent for Maximacs, the Barbeton macadamia operation. SA is now the largest world producer of macadamias that are of enjoying buoyant interest around the globe, but particularly from China and Japan.
Maximacs is working hard to spread the word about these nut wonders that are notoriously tough to process. In fact, included in their retail packs of whole nuts is a proprietory macadamia-cracking device. Regular nut-crackers simply break when faced with the macadamia!
Anuga Safari Anuga Williams Foods

Corni Myburgh and Harry Harrison on the Pioneer Foods International’s stand… they reported particular interest in the group’s bulk dried fruit offer.
Pioneer’s mover-shaker CEO, Phil Roux, even did stand duty at Anuga – alas, I missed the chance to meet him.

Mrs Tyrone Williams of Anuga-debutante’s Cape Town’s Williams Foods. This start-up was promoting its range of chilli tomato sauces, and reportedly had just enjoyed signing a very large order with National Importers Incorporated in Canada.
“Our product puts a new spin on traditional tomato sauce as it is produced in combination with a hot sauce. The hot sauce industry is the fastest growing in the world, so are very excited to start sharing our passion and products with the rest of the world,” Willams said.


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