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Seedless Aurora Papaya wins Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2015

Trade visitors at Fruit Logistica in Berlin chose the “Aurora Seedless Papaya” produced by Aviv Flowers Packing House in Israel as the winner for the giant expo’s Innovation Award 2015. The annual fresh produce trade show was held in early February in Berlin and this year drew 65 000 trade visitors from more than 135 countries, as well as 2 785 exhibitors from 83 countries.

Here are details on the three winners of the FLIA 2015 awards, as well as the other nominees:

WINNER: Aviv Flowers Packing House, Israel
Product: “Aurora Seedless Papaya” – A small, seedless variety of papaya

The Aurora papaya is a unique seedless variety with a rich and balanced taste without the papaya’s typical aftertaste. It has a delicate and pleasant aroma and firm flesh.

The shelf life of this variety is said to be longer than that of all other existing papaya varieties. Even after the fruit has been cut open, it can be kept under normal conditions for an unusually long period of time. The variety was developed in Israel using natural selection and hybridization methods. Target markets are the EU, Switzerland and Canada.

Fruit sizes vary between 200 g and 1 kg.

Market launch: February 2014

FLIA-FreshPackRUNNER UP: Bakker Barendrecht (Member of the UNIVEG Group), The Netherlands
Product: “DIY fresh packs” – Packages of mixed fruits/vegetables with additional ingredients and recipes for specific dishes

DIY fresh packs help consumers prepare a meal, soup or side dish using fresh ingredients. They are available in several varieties: asparagus soup (in spring), gazpacho, exotic salsa and tomato salsa (in summer), and lasagna, couscous and curry madras (all year), and include a recipe with a step-by-step guide based on the “no waste” principle. All fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and couscous/lasagne sheets are provided in the right quantity to prepare a meal for four people. The vegetables are uncut and unwashed.

Market launch: February 2014

FLIA-LemonCherry-TomatoThIRD PLACE: BelOrta, Belgium
Product: “Lemoncherry” – A yellow cherry tomato variety

The Lemoncherry is a new variety of yellow cherry tomato on the vine. Lemoncherry tomatoes are transparent yellow in colour, giving them a unique and very decorative appearance. Their taste is rich and sweet with a delicate touch of lemon. The tomatoes weigh 10-12 g, making them ideal for snacks and for foodservice. The vine contains 14-16 tomatoes with attractive green stalks and weighs approximately 175 g.

BelOrta has developed a marketing concept to communicate the product’s special original taste and appearance for the retail market.

They are sold in 1.5 and 3 kg cardboard or wooden crates to foodservice and wholesale customers. Small packages in trays are available for retail customers.

Market launch: April 2014

Other finalists:

Cabka Group, Germany
Product: “Eye-Catcher” – A product display system for crates at the POS

The Eye-Catcher provides a particularly attractive presentation of fresh produce at the point of sale by raising the products automatically out of their tray or crate. Pyramid arrangements are no longer necessary, displays look fuller, sales are stimulated and the amount of unsold product is reduced. The Eye-Catcher also prevents trays slipping on sloping shelves.

According to the manufacturer, product shrinkage of unsold sensitive products can be reduced by as much as 50%, and an average of 30% is realistically achievable. Sales are increased by 15%.

The Eye-Catcher is available in various sizes, both with and without the rollstop, and can be used in ambient temperatures between 0º and +50º C.

Market launch: March 2014

Atlas Pacific Engineering, USA
Product “FC 15 Fruit Chunker” – A cutting machine for pineapple and melons

The FC Fruit Chunker is a compact solution for processing pineapples, cantaloupes and honeydew melons. It accepts whole fruit in a full range of sizes and automatically senses fruit size. The machine cores the fruit, removes seed membrane (in melons), and peels and cuts chunks or spears. Converting from chunks to spears only involves a quick tooling change. The unit operates “on demand” with speeds from two to up to 15 pieces of fruit per minute. The elimination of manual contacts reduces contamination and bacterial risks and the small footprint also reduces expensive floor space requirements.

The FC Fruit Chunker is offered as a single industrial model with a wide variety of configurations.

Market launch: February 2014

Polymer Logistics, Germany
Product: “Holzdekor-RPC” – Reusable plastic crates with a natural wood look

The Holzdekor-RPC is a returnable plastic crate in a wood optic finish, which promotes sales by creating an attractive farmer’s market atmosphere in the retail fresh produce department.

The crate can be folded when empty and stacked to save space during transport and storage. It has an active-lock system for optimal ergonomic handling. It is easy to clean and environmentally friendly because it is completely recyclable. The Holzdekor-RPC is an ideal solution in terms of hygiene and sustainability.

Market launch: January 2014

Holfeld Plastics, Ireland
Product: “Low Carbon rPETeCo” – Packaging material consisting of 90% recycled plastic bottles

Low carbon rPETeCO is a multipurpose lightweight packaging material made 90% from recycled plastic bottles. rPETeCO uses 20% less material than conventional recycled PET, is lighter, more temperature resistant and requires less cutting force. According to the manufacturer the packaging has an up to 20% smaller carbon footprint as well as better barrier characteristics for O2, CO2 and water vapour. Holsorb in the base eliminates the need for a soak pad. It has a non-plastic appearance and is available in a range of colours.

Market launch: February 2014

Sunforest Co, South Korea
Product: “Portable Nondestructive Fruit Quality Meter” – A portable quality-control measuring device

The Sunforest H-100 series is a range of portable devices for measuring the Brix level of fruit still hanging on the tree, which means that the fruit does not have to be picked or cut open. The H-100 is an NIR spectrometer which measures sweetness, dry matter, colour etc, which helps determine the ideal harvest time and ensures batch uniformity. It can also be used along the supply chain and at the POS.

There are currently three models in the series – the H-100C for mandarins and kiwifruit, the H-100T for apples and pears, and the H-100F for oranges – but the range is already being extended. The devices weigh only 400 g and can be individually calibrated, making them a useful tool in a wide variety of situations.

Market launch: October 2014

Regal’in Europe, France
Product: “Regal’in Apple” – A new apple variety

Regalyou cov und Regalstar cov are two new apple varieties with an attractive 100% orange-red colour, a pleasing shape, and a slightly sweet aromatic taste with the right amount of acidity. The fruit flesh is crisp and crunchy with good keeping qualities. The varieties ripen at the same time as the Fuji, can be harvested in October and have a high annual yield with no biennial fluctuation.

Regal’in apples represent an extension of the Regal’in brand concept which up to now has only included different peach and nectarine varieties. R&D work on these new varieties has taken more than ten years and consumer tests have already shown very positive results.

Market launch: April 2014

Hepro, Germany
Product: “UP-8000” – A peeling machine for carrots, cucumbers, white radishes and other long vegetables

The Hepro UP-8000 is a universal peeling machine for vegetables such as carrots, long radishes and cucumbers. A V-shaped belt feeds the product horizontally to the peeling system, where 36 soft rollers carry it to the eight cutting units without the use of water or compressed air.

The Hepro UP-8000 operates at three speeds with piece and operating time counters, a quick change parallel oscillating cutting unit, peel waste of only 18-20% and low contamination risk. The unit measures 800mm wide by 1,980mm high and weighs 425 kg, including the conveyor belt. The waste container for peelings is removable.

Market launch: November 2013

Photos of all these products can be seen at:

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