The secret sauce of test-tube fish

Most people who follow food are aware that scientists and tech companies are trying to grow meat in labs. When they’ll see it and what it will look and taste like — those are details mysterious even to the companies that plan to make them, writes Corby Kummer for NEO.LIFE.

Brian Wyrwas, (left) and Mike Selden are co-founders of Finless Foods.

But a different kind of protein is on the way — or at least, residing in numerous test tubes. Two young biology grads are working to create in-vitro fish fillets through their startup, called Finless Foods.

“We want to recapitulate every single thing on a dinner plate,” says Brian Wyrwas, 24, one of the two founders. “The sound, sizzle, smell, and consistency of a fish fillet.”…. Read the full article