SBCM adds renowned natural food ingredients to portfolio

Sharon Bolel Chemical Marketing (SBCM), a leading supplier of speciality ingredients to SA’’s food, flavour, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, has announced the expansion of its range of products to include those of Natraceutical’s Ingredients Division, which merged with Naturex at the end of 2009. Included among SBCM’s new products are renowned Obipektin and Overseal ingredients.

Says Sharon Bolel (left) of SBCM: “”This is a tremendous boost for us as the Spanish multinational, Natraceutical, is a giant in the global ingredients industry and at the cutting edge of biotechnology development within the health and nutrition sectors. This extension will complement our existing selection of ingredients – all of which are sourced from reputable and quality-obsessed global suppliers.””

The merger between Naturex and Natraceutical Ingredients Division has given rise to the world’’s leading independent company of speciality ingredients. Natraceutical is a frontrunner in the research and development of naturally-sourced functional and active ingredients, as well as nutritional products for the food sector. Naturex’’s global product range spans more than 350 advanced botanical extracts catering to the food, beverage, flavour, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The products within Obipektin and Overseal are highly popular with the food industry throughout the world because of the innovative functionality and exceptional quality of the products, and the advanced technological processes developed by the companies.


With more than 50 year’s’ expertise in manufacturing and supplying pectins behind it, Obipektin’’s product range to day includes fruit and vegetable powders, tomato powders, and pectins.

“The fruit and vegetable powders, designed for adding flavour, texture and colour to food products, are natural and fresh-tasting, and are also available in organic quality. Notes Bolel, “”The organically cultivated fruit and vegetable powders are top-quality products in terms of flavour, but also offer a higher nutritional value while also ensuring maximum protection of the environment.””

The fruit and vegetable powders are available to customers in four different drying technologies – cold spray, low temperature spray, vacuum, and drum drying.

Obipektin is a well-known name in the global baby food manufacturing industry, producing more than 1 200 tons of fruit and vegetable powders annually, specifically for this market. According to the company, to ensure compliance with the strict requirements of pesticide residues in babyfood, it sets a high standard in achieving full traceability for all its fruit and vegetable powders raw materials, while also working towards continual improvement of its spray plans.

The Spreda tomato powders are processed using a cold spray-drying technology which enables the production of a 100% pure and a top quality product with a high lycopene content. The main applications for these powders are babyfood, soups and sauces, seasonings, and dietetic products.

Obipektin also produces more than 50 customised types of pectins for use as soluble fibre, vegetable gelling agents, or for flavour development. The main raw materials used to produce the pectins include apple pomace and citrus peels, which are by-products of the juice industry. The native pectin (protopectin) is made soluble through acid extraction and then precipitated with alcohol from the aqueous phase. By changing the extraction parameters and the subsequent treatments, various types of pectins can be produced offering different properties and applications.


British-based company, Overseal, produces natural ingredients for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and supplement industries, in line with the growing trend in the food and beverage industries to move away from artificial and towards natural ingredients. “”Customer awareness of what’ in a food product is becoming more of an issue the world over, and we’re seeing it growing in South Africa too,”” notes Bolel. “”Overseal’’s products have for years provided manufacturers with ingredients that enable them to provide the sort of food product labels that customers are looking for.””

Overseal’s range includes Talin (thaumatin) – a multi-functional low-calorie ingredient, which is a natural protein extracted from the West African Katemfe Fruit, Thaumatococcus daniellii, for its remarkable taste enhancement and flavour modifying properties. The company states that Talin’’s extraordinary performance lies in the structure and nature of the molecule and the way in which it interacts with both taste and flavour molecules.

Other Overseal products include natural colours, inactive dried yeast, and natural Hinotes, which is the company’’s branding for its high quality top-notes, manufactured from fruit. Ingredients are sourced worldwide from Overseal approved suppliers. Overseal uses its own patented technology to produce Hinotes, which is a low temperature process that does not incorporate solvents, additives or processing aids.

Bolel is delighted at the potential for the new ranges within SBCM in the markets that it serves for innovative development of products with high appeal to today’s discerning customers. “When the deal was concluded, Naturex’’s chairman, Jacques Dikansky, noted that the extremely complementary and highly reputable product portfolios within the new giant group offers Naturex the opportunity to become the number one natural speciality ingredients company worldwide. We are certainly proud to be their sole South African distributor.””

Sharon Bolel Chemical Marketing;