Salty-sweet new Toblerone from Kraft

Capitalising on one of the hottest snaking trends of mixing salty and sweet flavours, Kraft Foods has launched a new product in the Toblerone range in Switzerland, which is soon to be introduced to other international markets across Europe, UK and US.

The new flavour is Toblerone Crunchy Almonds in an unexpected light blue-coloured packaging, designed by the London creative agency Bulletproof.

This Toblerone ia described as “Swiss milk chocolate with salted caramelized almonds and honey and almond nougat.” For comparative purposes, regular Toblerone is described in the same way, just minus the salted caramelized almonds part.

Jose Gorbea, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Chocolate at Kraft commented: “The arresting design successfully transitioned through to the ‘Switzerland goes Blue’ campaign, which was an unparalleled success. In Switzerland so far, Toblerone Crunchy Almonds is outselling our previous NPD flavours at 3:1.”

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