Safari Snaps

Safari’a new fruit confectionery treats for kids

In a fast-paced world, snacking has become a lifestyle for young and old alike. For busy parents, selecting tasty and nutritious treats for kids is no mean feat – a task, and trend, that Pioneer Foods hopes it will help solve, and leverage, with its launch of a Safari-branded fruit confectionery snack: the new Safari Gemz & Snaps range for kids that will add fun and variety to lunchboxes.

Safari Snaps are available in two Gemz flavours, Mixed Berry and Apple, while Safari Fruit Medley Snaps is a mix of Blueberry, Apple and Strawberry sticks.

“Today’s snacking lifestyle has become a challenge for moms who prefer to give their kids more nutritious but good-tasting treats”, says Lydia Britz, Safari’s brand manager. “The new Safari Gemz and Snaps range fills the gap because it contains 65% fruit pulp, is high in fibre and low in fat, and making it the perfect sweet replacement.”

The funky Safari Gemz and Snaps packaging was designed by BMFA Graphic Design Finished Art in Cape Town.

Gemz fruit-confectionery technology is a development of Orley Foods in Cape Town – very versatile fruit cubes or laces that are formulated for numerous applications. Gemz are bake stable and retain their softeness in application such as biscuits, muffins and cereals – attributes which make them ideal ingredient in baked, frozen or dry products. 

Gemz contain real fruit, which not only gives the product an authentic fruity flavour but also allows the manufacture to make specific claims. Gemz are also available in fruit flavoured range where only colour and flavour are added.