SA Dairy Champions of 2010

The dairy highlight of the year, Danisco Qualité Awards 2010 have been announced – and largely belong to the milk goats of South Africa.  A lesser known goat’’s milk cheese from Gauteng was crowned the 2010 dairy Product of the Year.

This unique hard cheese, matured for at least three months and modestly called Goat Peter Farm cheese, is handmade by Marianne Joos and Alastair Catto, proud owners of Goat Peter Cheesery at Hekpoort, north-west of Johannesburg.   Marianne, with no formal cheese making training, invented the Goat Peter Farm cheese. The milk of Alastair’’s 120 goats has its own taste, representative of the Hekpoort terroir and together with Marianne’’s manufacturing method, creates a unique flavour. Currently Goat Peter Farm cheese is only available in Gauteng.

A record 847 entries from 74 large and artisanal manufacturers competed for the much coveted Qualité Award for excellence. A total of 80 products were capped as SA Champions, of which only 20 now carry the Qualité title awarded to products of outstanding quality. The fact that 36% of the coveted Qualité Awards went to goat’s’ milk cheeses is even more surprising as only 20% of the total entries were goat’s’ milk cheeses.  The growth in popularity of goat’s’ milk cheese has simply been phenomenal during the last seven years.  

La Rochelle Goat’s’ milk Cheese, a very small cheesery from De Doorns, did exceptionally well with two Qualité Awards compared to mass producers Clover SA and Fairfield Dairy, who were awarded three each. Lancewood Cheese, Parmalat SA, and Sunpower each produced two Qualité Award winners, followed by Belnori Boutique Cheesery, Butlers, Klein River cheese, Lausanne Dairy, and Morning Milk – De Pekelaar each with one.

Download the 2010 Qualite Awards List (pdf 16KB)

Download the 2010 SA Champions List (pdf 65KB)