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Recession takes bite out of the 100-calorie pack business

Mintel has outlined the reasons why the 100-calorie pack market is waning: concerns about taste, price, sustainability and efficacy are trumping their raison d’etre.

Tom Vierhile, director of product launch analytics for Datamonitor, agrees that the segment has run out of steam. While there are still a lot of products on the market making the 100-calorie claim — 190 were introduced last year and 68 have come out so far this year, but they may be too late to market.

Another concern is mounting evidence that the products don’t work for weight control. A Journal of Consumer Research study last year, for instance, found participants given 100-calorie snacks while munching in front of the TV ate significantly more. A second group munching from two, regular-sized potato chips bags exhibited greater portion control.

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