Pure new packs for Clover’s Tropika and Krush

Clover’s popular Krush and Tropika juice brands have been launched in an additional packaging format – Tropika’s two-litre plastic style packaging and Krush’s 1.5 PET bottle will be complemented by Elopak South Africa’s successful two-litre, SLIM Pure-Pak Curve carton.

According to Johan de Smidt, Elopak South Africa’s MD, it’s the first time that this particular Pure-Pak carton format is being offered in South Africa, with Krush and Tropika being the first and currently only brands in it, making the pack unique to Clover.

At 91mm square, the new carton’s footprint is also marginally slimmer than its 96mm predecessor. This, coupled with the carton’s additional 19mm height, accentuates its slim stature and creates a health-benefit association with the product.

The design of the new carton is enhanced by an additional curve in order to achieve a more attractive and eye-catching package with stronger brand communication. As such, the carton’s added fifth ‘Curve’ panel creates a slimmer, more elegant shape, communicating premium freshness and providing clear on-shelf differentiation. In addition, the carton’s large cap is convenient and appealing with simple, hygienic opening/reclosing functionality that offers easy pouring.

Krush“Consumers recognise the Pure-Pak carton as a premium, convenient and more environmentally friendly form of packaging, making Elopak’s cartons the go-to packaging choice for distinguishing Tropika and Krush from other brands. As such, the pack changes will enable Clover to cut through the cluttered juice shelves and create a fresh motivation for loyal and new buyers to purchase,” says De Smidt.

James Deysel, Clover’s brand manager for juices, had this to say of the new packaging choice: “We want to offer consumers a new pack that finds the perfect balance between size and price, giving them the best possible value. Elopak’s packaging does exactly this by not only providing an ideal pack size, but also adding to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the product. The labelling and product information is also much bigger and clearer on pack, ensuring our consumers have all the information they need on the product.

“We have been monitoring the market trends for a substantial amount of time to ascertain the ideal pack size and material, and found the Elopak packaging to be our best option to suit current market needs,” adds Deysel. “We anticipate a very good reception with a good uptake in sales, seeing as consumers are re-assured of the same quality juice they’ve come to love in a new, more convenient and functional pack.

The products are filled on a new Galdi RG250 ultra clean filling machine in two-litre SLIM Pure-Pak Curve cartons with the 35mm Elo-Cap XE closure. Cartons are B-style, skived and printed with UV flexo on PE coated board.