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Pioneer Foods opens new Bokomo facility in England

Pioneer Foods, SA’s third-biggest food company, is making its mark in the UK… As Britain’s biggest cereal maker, it officially opened a new Bokomo UK facility in Orton Southgate, in Peterborough, England, last month.

Situated less than two kilometres from the previous Bokomo UK factory, the new facility has been built from scratch and was designed specifically to fit the requirements of a breakfast cereal business.

“This new facility allows us to significantly increase our capacity as we continue to produce the popular and high-quality Granola, Crunch, Crisp, Muesli and Porridge breakfast cereals that Bokomo UK is known for,” said John Hiles, CEO of Bokomo UK.

“Of all the new features, the potential to further expand our operation is perhaps the most exciting. With enhanced capacity as a result of focused production lines and world-class packing capabilities, the business has space to grow and drive further value for the Pioneer Group’s UK operations.”

Construction on the modern facility was completed in May this year.

“Pioneer Foods is well positioned to strengthen our presence and operational capacity in the UK and we are confident that this new facility will enable us to achieve our growth objectives in this attractive market,” remarked Pioneer Foods CEO, Phil Roux.

“The old facility had reached capacity and restricted Pioneer International’s growth ambitions. Not only does the new facility enable further growth, it has also passed the most stringent customer audits in the UK,” said Thushen Govender, executive for international, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

With these credentials in place, we are well positioned to focus on growing our share of the UK breakfast cereal market.”

According to Bokomo UK’s website, it is “the UK’s leading cereal maker although you’ve possibly never heard of us. That’s because we provide own-label and branded manufacture and packaging services for many of the leading retailers and brands in the UK and all around the world.”

Bokomo UK has another factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Bokomo UK2

(L-R) Jonathan Thorne, Pioneer Foods commercial manager for the UK; Thushen Govender, Phil Roux and John Hiles.