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OMG! It’s full fat OMY yogurt!

More proof that fat is back in a big way in the US is the launch by Stonyfield, the nation’s leading organic yogurt maker, of an exciting new range dubbed “Oh My Yog!”.

OMY is made with organic whole milk and fruit, and comes in a completely unique three-layer format – fruit on the bottom, honey-infused yogurt in the middle and a decadent layer of cream on top – for an everyday indulgence “made better because it’s organic”.

“Whole milk is part of the growing food trend of healthy fat making a comeback. Not only is it incredibly delicious – you really can’t beat a layer of cream on top of your yogurt – it’s also recognised as a more wholesome kind of real food,” shared Ben Angeloni, VP of Marketing for Stonyfield.

“We have fans ask us for full fat yogurt every single day, and we’re excited to deliver something exceptional with Oh My Yog!”

OMY is now available in select retailers nationwide, is easy to recognise in the yogurt aisle thanks to its colourfully striped Y&R Spain-designed packaging that was inspired by the three layers inside.

“Everything about Oh My Yog! – from its name to its distinctive, striped packaging – reflects the experience you have when you’re eating it. It’s all about enjoying beautiful layers of a really delicious food,” said Angeloni.

OMY comes in 6 decadent 6-oz varieties for the suggested retail price of $1.59: Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Wild Quebec Blueberry, Pacific Coast Strawberry, Gingered Pear, Apple Cinnamon, and Orange Cranberry.

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