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NoMU Dukkah

NoMU’s new dippers

STYLISH Cape Town foodie company, NoMU, has added three new variants to its traditional Egyptian Dukkah dipper, one of its most popular local and export lines. PISTACHIO & BLACK PEPPER DIPPER – An irresistible and alluring blend of roasted pistachio nuts and seeds with warm, spicy notes of freshly cracked black pepper.

PISTACHIO & SUMAC – An exotic Middle Eastern blend of pistachio nuts, seeds and sumac with subtle tartness and lemony notes, makes this a perfect match for seafood and chicken dishes.

PASSION CHILLI DIPPER – Egyptian Dukkah just got hotter! A delicious combination of nuts, seeds and spices with smoked passion chilli for added warmth and intrigue as a healthy snack or starter.

Dippers are best used as a traditional bread dipper, dipping a chunk of fresh, warm bread into a bowl of olive oil and then into the spic mix. Alternatively, they can be mixed with cream cheese or ricotta to make a tasty spread.


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