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Cholestro Go

SA’s first cholestrol-lowering sunflower oil

Nola has launched Cholestro Go, the first cholesterol-lowering sunflower oil to hit the South African market. It contains plant sterols, nature’s way of reducing LDL-cholesterol (often termed ‘bad’ cholesterol as it increases the risk of coronary heart disease).

Cholestro Go is endorsed by the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation and offers an alternate cooking oil solution for a health-conscious market. This locally-produced premium quality oil has a neutral taste, which makes it ideal for all purpose use and is especially suited to traditional cooking methods.

‘There is a global trend towards choosing healthier lifestyle options as the health segment for oils is growing, Cholestro Go was developed in response to these consumer demands to provide better choices in the premium oil segment,’ says Liezel van Bergen, Nola brand manager.

Cholestro-Go is available at major retailers from end-September 2008 at a recommended selling price of R23.99 for a 750ml bottle.


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