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8 August 2014
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Editor’s Stuff: Another EU ingredient giant stakes an SA claim!
Read more...Yesterday came the announcement of another prominent EU/SA ingredient deal – the latest of several in the past few years that has seen global ingredient vendors join forces with attractive South African players to expand and entrench their African footprint. 
Paarl’s well-known and pioneering African botanicals ingredient producer, Afriplex, is spreading its wings in a joint venture with Doehler, a global specialist of ingredients and ingredient systems, located in Darmstadt, Germany.
No financial aspects of the synergistic deal have been revealed, but I would vouch that Doehler has made a fine investment in one of the country’s most dynamic food-beverage-pharma ingredient suppliers.

Afriplex boasts fantastic intellectual property in its personnel, who are abetted by impressive manufacturing facilities and product development labs. In its relatively short history, the company has built a fine reputation as a hub of creative, scientific and technical capability, and has enjoyed notable growth and industry recognition for its successful conceptualisation, testing and development of novel and commercially viable products.

Congratulations to all involved – and may they go from strength to strength! Read more on the link below.

Brenda Neall: publisher & editor
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  Local News and Developments
Useful SA food labelling guide

Unilever Food Solutions’ new, easy-to-use Food Labelling Ingredients and Legislation Guide provides the answers to many questions that frequently come up in the food and food service industries about nutritional values, labelling and legislation issues.

Woolworths moves to ethical pork

As of end of September 2014, all fresh pork sold at Woolworths will be sourced from farms that no longer use sow stalls to restrain pregnant sows.

Introducing new Amstel Lite

Alcohol beverage company, brandhouse, has added to the lite beer category with the launch of Amstel Lite, available from 1 August 2014.

New Antonella Tuscan Tiramisu cream liqueur from DGB

The new Antonella Tuscan Tiramisu cream liqueur from DGB is a rich brown liquid with a coffee nose, subtle undertones of biscuit, caramel and vanilla.

Bigger is better Yogi Sip

Danone Southern Africa has launched new Yogi Sip “Hunger Buster” with the same original taste of blended yoghurt and real fruit. The 500g pack is an ideal liquid snack for people on the move.

Is PepsiCo bringing its Tropicana brand to SA?

This is an intriguing question, one begged by a new PepsiCo appointment in Europe. Read on!

October’s Propak Cape to showcase latest products and innovation

Showcasing the latest products from the packaging, food processing, plastics, printing and labelling industries, Propak Cape looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

King of the Spur Burgers

Restaurant franchiser Spur Corporation has topped off a busy, and profitable financial year with the news that it has concluded a BEE deal with Grand Parade Investments, the owners of the Burger King franchise in South Africa.
SPAR rises as talks begin
SPAR’s share price gained the most in three months after the South African food and liquor retailer said it’s in talks that may affect it. 
Meet Apiwe Nxusani of Beerhogs and Ndumiso Madlala of Soweto Gold, two young, black South African beermakers who are helping to shape this country’s burgeoning craft beer market.  
Rooibos tea, one of South Africa’s most famous exports, has been granted long-awaited geographical indication (GI) status in the EU. This new partnership agreement between southern African nations and the EU is also good news for sugar and wine exports.  

 International Developments
Gone sour: Coke’s experiment with stevia for vitaminwater

The Coca-Cola Company has ditched stevia as a sweetener for Glaceau vitaminwater in the US and will revert to the original sweetening system.

Coca-Cola raises African investment to $17bn

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, plans to invest $5-billion with its bottling partners in Africa over the next six years, to create new manufacturing capacity, sustainability initiatives and jobs.

Russia bans Western food imports in response to sanctions

Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev Dmitry Medvedev, has confirmed Russia’s ban on food imports from several Western countries that have imposed economic sanctions on the Kremlin.

America’s Whole Foods Market: victim of its own organic success

Shares in the American seller of organic and natural food have fallen by more than 40% since hitting a peak last October. This high-profile peddler of pricey organic and natural foods now finds it has stiff competition…

UK: Majority of supermarket chicken still contaminated with campylobacter: FSA
Food Standards Agency has revealed that 59% of birds carry the potentially deadly bacteria, and 16% are heavily contaminated

The strategy behind P&G’s move to cut 100 brands

P&G is cutting its global brand portfolio by more than half. Instead of focusing on innovation, as he did during his first tour as CEO of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods firm, AG Lafley is now innovating on focus.
Tata has just done rival Unilever a huge PR favour… Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency has upheld claims that the latter’s pyramid-shaped bags make a better cuppa compared to round bags used by Tata’s Tetley tea. 

 Trends, Marketing and NPD
Concern over added sugars reshapes the sugar and sweetener market

The love-hate relationship with sugar and sweeteners is intensifying as concern about added sugars mounts and negative consumer sentiment related to zero calorie sweeteners is slow to wane. Packaged Facts unpicks some shifting trends in the US market, but surely relevant globally, too.

US: America is completely nuts for almonds

The country’s appetite for almonds has grown by more than 220 percent since 2005 — far faster than demand for pecans, walnuts, macadamias, pistachios, cashews, or peanuts. The rise is even more startling when compared to the early 1970s…

US: Smaller cans counter declining sales for American CSD giants

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo continue to face declining sales of their core products as consumers show greater interest in emerging beverage categories, such as enhanced water and cold-pressed juice. However, the cola giants are benefitting from a self-enacted compromise: smaller cans.

Does innovation sell, or is selling innovation?

The beverage industry talks a lot about innovation. But it’s a slippery concept, subject to qualification in all kinds of ways. Great insights…

First sugar cane-based bread bag launched
Hovis in the UK is the first to commercialise a polyethylene bread bag made primarily from renewable resources.
You’ve heard of the ‘health halo’… well here’s a new and similar term, the ‘produce halo’, the added shine given to packaged foods if they are situated close to fruits and vegetables in grocery stores.  
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 Food Science, Technology and Ingredients
EFSA: unwise to extend storage time of eggs

Extending the storage time of eggs at home or at retail would increase Salmonella food-poisoning risks, says EFSA’s latest scientific opinion on public health risks from eggs.

Read more...Salmonella’s favourite food could be its key weakness

Salmonella is notorious for contaminating a variety of favourite foods, particularly in summertime – beef, poultry, milk, and eggs are most often affected but vegetables may also be. But scientists have now discovered that salmonella’s Achilles heel may lie in its own favourite food.

This ice cream changes colour when you lick it!

Spanish physicist, engineer, professor and ice cream lover, Manuel Linares, has together with a couple of colleagues created an ice cream that changes colours when it’s licked.

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavours around the world. Symrise uses the “Queen of the Spices”, as it is often called, in several thousand products. The company is highly committed to ensuring that the important raw material is completely sustainably sourced by the year 2017.
Shocking unfolding truths in trial of America’s infamous peanut plant
The Georgia peanut plant linked to a deadly salmonella outbreak shipped food to customers that lab tests confirmed was tainted, failed to clean production equipment of possible contaminants and didn’t ensure a peanut roaster was hot enough to kill bacteria, a federal inspector has testified
ICYMI: The science behind honey’s eternal shelf life

A slew of factors — honey’s acidity, lack of water and the presence of hydrogen peroxide — work in perfect harmony, allowing the sticky treat to last forever.

 Health and Nutrition Stuff
What’s up with scientific research into the hangover?

Hangover research is a bit of a neglected field, not the highest priority for health-research funding. But there’s a lot hangovers can tell us about our brains, our guts, and the epidemiology of alcoholism.

5-Hour Energy hits back at biochemist claims that shot is ‘unsupported by science’

“Every manufacturer in their advertising relies on puffery to promote its product. However, in the case of 5-Hour Energy the distance between what the company claims and what the science shows is a chasm,” says sports science researcher Dr Robert Portman.
You know the saying that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs? Not true. A new study from Cornell University reveals that whenever adults serve themselves food, on average, they eat 92% of what they put on their plate, regardless of nationality, dining setting, and a host of other factors.


 Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Stuff
Tour de France: also a test of epic eating

The famously gruelling Tour De France cycling race involves about 3 540km of furious pedalling, huge mountain climbs and downhill sprints at 80-plus kph. The Tour is also a fascinating epic of marathon eating.

Got warm beer 1?


Got warm beer? Here’s a new solution that does away with that no-no temptation to throw some ice cubes into the glass – dubbed Booze Joulies.


Got warm beer 2?

How many ineffective wine-cooling devices do you own? Well, there is a quick solution for warm beer, an unchilled Chenin, a tepid Coke, no gadgetry required. This is amazing…

Food bites…2014: Pithy bites

The gluten-free trend
“THE demand for gluten-free foods is not driven solely by the genuine needs of a small group of individuals affected by celiac disease or wheat allergy. In fact, more than 10 times as many people have taken on the restriction than medically need to. This is due to the larger perception that gluten-free foods are in various ways preferable to gluten-containing foods.
   “For processors, this is where the challenge comes in. Pressed to keep up with food trends, they are forced to walk a fine line between serving a huge consumer demand and helping to inform consumers as to the unlikely need to so restrict themselves.
   “For the processors making foods and beverages containing gluten or having contact with gluten-containing ingredients, the gluten-free tsunami forces a decision between radical reformulation and processing changes or ignoring a fast-growing, highly lucrative market that shows little sign of diminishing anytime soon.”
Mark Anthony, PhD, technical editor,

The dreaded ‘babelas’

“THE main reason the hangover seems so oppressive, why its effects are so mythologised in books and barrooms, is because it stands in such stark contrast to what gave it birth the night before: The noble and kind king sires and surrenders his crown to a sadistic cretin, and overnight Camelot transforms into Mordor….”
“WE don’t have a true cure from a lack of trying. From the moment the first caveman groaned awake after sucking on as much rotten fruit as he could get his filthy paws on, mankind has struggled to tone down if not terminate that inevitable pain that follows all that pleasure.  

   “Right off the bat, however, I’m going to say this: a true hangover cure does not exist. How do I know this? Because if it did the person who invented it would be richer, better known and infinitely more beloved than Bill Gates. There’d be a statue of him in your town square and his name would be spoke in the same breath as Albert Schweitzer and Jonas Salk.”

Frank Kelly Rich,
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