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Weekly Newsletter: 4 February 2011

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This week’s news!
SA: Massmart’s suppliers get prepared to adapt.

SA: Swift Micro Labs now in George.

SA: Shrinking All Gold tomato sauce bottles.

New food price highs.

US: The NEW dietary guidelines – not too many surprises.

US: Food industry launches new FOP labelling scheme.
US: Upping NPD risk-taking in 2011.

Insights from the Winter Fancy Food Show.
Coca: The next health food craze that won’t be.

New report questions health benefits of olive oil.

Popeye had it right on spinach.
Fascinating story of cultured meat.

Why bacon is such a sensational flavour hit.
WWF’s Livewell Diet – you can save the planet over lunch.
Sous vide for home cooks.

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Editor’s Stuff – Nestle’s big vote of confidence in SA!
Nestlé has been much in the news. Close to home, and in a huge thumbs up for SA’s food industry prospects, Nestlé this week turned the first sods of two new greenfield factories in Babalegi, near Pretoria. As the world’s biggest food group sharpens its focus on emerging markets, Nestlé is spending R505-million on expanding its business in South Africa.
Nestlé is building new cereal and Maggi factories, adjacent to its existing Cremora factory, and it has also announced the purchase for R106m of the oft-troubled Potchefstroom-based Specialised Protein Products and its soy processing plant that it will upgrade. Read more here

Overseas, Nestlé has opened a high-tech new cereal innovation centre in Switzerland; and most interestingly, it has taken its first step into “medical food” with the acquisition of a UK-based pharmaceutical start-up company that’s testing a chewing gum to help kidney-disease sufferers.
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Feature article of the week

The five-a-day myth: nutrition expert claims we’ve all been duped

With great fanfare, it was reported recently that the current health advice about eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is outdated, and that scientists now believe that eight portions are more beneficial. While many people grumbled about how on earth they would manage those extra portions, I ­allowed myself a wry smile.

For more than two years I’ve known that the “five-a-day” mantra we’re all so familiar with is nothing but a fairytale.

Of course, they are tasty, colourful additions to any meal. But in terms of health and nutrition, fruit and veg have little to offer, and telling us to eat eight portions a day is compounding one of the worst health fallacies in recent history. Surprised? Many people will be, and no doubt some dieticians and nutritionists will reject my arguments. But science backs me up.

[This is a very provocative and thought-provoking article by

Zoe Harcombe, a Cambridge University nutritionist and author of The Obesity Epidemic. A must read! Find it under “Hot Stuff” on the newsletter. Ed]

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