Newsletter 31 October 2014


31 October 2014
We hunt down the latest food-drinks news
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“Products evolve based on assumptions that eventually become outdated. This is every incumbent’s weakness and startup’s opportunity.” Aaron Levie, CEO of enterprise cloud company, Box 


Editor’s Stuff: Fast food as it should be for SA’s mass market!


Now here’s an interesting fast food development that has been waiting to happen!

Internationally-acclaimed singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka (left) is better known for entertaining South Africans, but now she’s teamed up with Econ Food Concepts, a subsidiary of meat company, Roelcor Holdings, to help feed the nation through an exciting and necessary new food initiative.
This is a concept perfectly suited to SA’s mass market – and it is also being championed by our LCHF hero, Prof Tim Noakes.  Read on below!


Last chance join the Amarula Cream 25th birthday party!

Amarula has turned 25 and is throwing a R25-million party! We’re proud to be part of the celebrations, and have set up a great give-away with Distell; on offer for readers are 12 Amarula Cream gift packs! Click on the link above to enter.


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 This week’s news on FOODStuff SA!

Read more...Don’t miss IFEA 2014 expo at Sandton CC next week!

The IFEA 2014 exhibition – Africa’s premierInternational food and drink event – is set to meet high expectations of both exhibitors and visitors, when it makes its second appearance at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 5 to 7 November.


First Domino’s Pizza outlet opens in SA

The first Domino’s Pizza restaurant in South Africa has been opened by Taste Holdings. The new store is in Rivonia Junction, Sandton, and by the end of this week, there will be a further three outlets: one in Durban and two in Cape Town.

Innova releases its Top 10 Food-Bev Trends for 2015

“From Clean to Clear Label” and “Convenience for Foodies” lead the Innova Market Insights food and beverage ‘Top 10 Trends’ list for 2015.

Food fads: How they differ from meaningful shifts in food culture

People are maturing from obsessions with the likes of bacon, cronuts and kale to a love of all sorts of dishes and cuisines – and with that expanding repertoire come broader interests in wellness, natural and what makes food taste good. Here’s a snapshot of what The Hartman Group sees happening to food culture on a wide scale. It goes far beyond food fads to some of the most meaningful shifts the US has seen in decades.

Against the grain: Gluten-free is changing the food industry

Consumer demand for products gluten-free products is rising rapidly. Health-conscious Americans were first to avoid it in significant numbers. Sales of gluten-free food and drink there have surged from $5.4 billion to $8.8 billion over the past two years, according to Mintel. They are set to grow a further 20% by 2015. Europe is now quickly catching up…

Do zero-calorie sweeteners increase diabetes risk?

“Artificial sweeteners may boost diabetes risk” ran the headline in the New York Times last month, as did a myriad of other media – but experts have said to take recent research with a pinch of salt.

Rise of coeliac disease still a mystery

Two new studies in the New England Journal of Medicine have caused a stir in the world of coeliac research, both proving that scientists have a ways to go in their understanding of coeliac disease, which affects about 1% of the population, whether they know it or not.

New wood-effect plastic crate set to transform fresh produce aisles

Read more...Underpinning its commitment to innovation in the field of retail-ready packaging, UK-based Polymer Logistics has globally launched the world’s first wood-effect crate, perfect for stores who want to boost the look and feel of their fresh produce aisles.

Plastic bag levy adds R1.1bn to govt coffers

The total quantum of funds collected since the introduction of the plastic bag levy scheme in 2003 up to August this year is R1.1bn, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene has told parliament.

3D-printed food promises to be a boon for the elderly or ill

3D food printing holds exciting potential for future food applications – and one that’s close to commercialisation in Europe is for the elderly or ill who have difficulity in chewing and swallowing. But the difference is that this food does not look like ‘liquified gloop’ – rather it looks and tastes like ‘real food’.

‘Pluckr’ automated grape picker wins top processing innovation award

Fresh grapes and berries are tasty and healthy, and increasingly popular as snacks around the world. But picking them manually takes a lot of time, making it very cost inefficient. Enter Pluckr, an automated plucking machine that has won Holland’s Food Valley Award 2014, an annual competition and expo that recognises innovative agri-food products, technologies or concepts.

New age ‘Tupperware’: the ‘perfect food storage’ option?

There are many types of food storage containers, but here’s introducing EVAK, described as “the world’s first glass food storage system that removes air from the container”. Air takes out freshness…so EVAK takes out the air. Its creators have been in search of the “perfect food storage option” – perhaps they’ve found it?


 ICYMI: Last week on FOODStuff SA!

Middle class South Africa: Fat, lazy and unmotivated

Read more...Middle-class South Africans are getting fatter and lazier, despite having access to discounted gyms and knowing the dangers of being overweight. This is according to the 2014 Discovery Vitality ObeCity Index, which measures eating habits, weight, time spent exercising and the mental wellbeing of about 170000 Vitality members.

Woolies joins the Banting craze with ready-meal range

Woolworths, always on top of latest fads and trends, is first to market with a new range of low-carb ready meals.

Sasko launches a new range of speciality loaves

SASKO, in the Pioneer Foods group, has launched a range of health-infused, speciality dumpy loaves, SASKO Plus+.

Dairypack Tubs launches retortable barrier tub

There’s the retortable can, the glass jar, the tube and the stand-up pouch… but now available in South Africa is the retortable tub, introduced by Polyoak Packaging’s Dairypack Tubs at this week’s Propak Cape expo at the CTICC.

Sweet open innovation challenge for SA ingredient vendors

An international FMCG firm in South Africa is on the hunt for a radically new form or complete alternative to crystal sugar as raw ingredient in industrial food production.

Top innovation awards from SIAL 2014

Here are SIAL 2014’s top three Grand Prix winners – while in another SIAL 2014 event, an SA company has shone!

US: Natural preservative food films commercialised

Food preservation is as old as mankind. One of the latest techniques reaching commercialisation in the US involves bioengineered films for fruit, fresh produce and flowers.

Why is Big Food bad?

“Technology” and its benefits generally get universal appreciation. But use the word in reference to food and beverages, and half the population will turn on you.

How PepsiCo R&D is preparing for future consumer demands

Each day about 1.3 billion consumers in 200 countries eat or drink a PepsiCo product. Figuring out what those diverse consumers want today and tomorrow, plus the means to get it to them, is the job of Dr Mehmood Khan, PepsiCo’s chief scientific officer.

McDonald’s CEO reveals the brand’s four biggest problems

McDonald’s is struggling to get back on top. Third quarter sales are down and he company is losing market share to fast-casual brands like Chipotle.

Marketing to today’s mom, 21st century style

Today, many efforts to “market to Mom” appear to address an imaginary central household anchor. The truth is this Rockwellian portrayal of Mom no longer exists – if it ever really did.

Rockwell Automation

The not-so-sad decline of cooking from scratch

Our love of food is exploding in proportion to our shrinking interest in cooking from scratch – or apparently, eating food someone else cooked from scratch.

Three ways to save a stagnant category

Many factors can cause a product category to fall out of favour and when this happens marketers are faced with tough questions.

Humble spud poised to launch a world food revolution

Earlier this month, a Dutch project, Salt Farm Texel, beat 560 competitors from 90 countries to win the prestigious USAid grand challenge award for its salt-tolerant potato.

Nestlé opens its most water efficient factory

Nestlé reports that it has opened its most water efficient factory in the world, sited in Mexico, in a move that the company plans to replicate in other Nestlé factories globally.

 Kerry Food Ingredients & Flavours

 This week’s news on DRINKStuff SA!

South African winemakers still stuck in the cork conundrum: why?

Read more...Over the past decade, the cork industry has cleaned up its act. Levels of taint are less now than they were 15 years ago when you could comfortably write off one bottle in every case on account of the corks. However, reducing contamination only partially addresses the problem of using the bark of a tree to seal a bottle. So what’s the lowdown on the cork conundrum, asks leading SA wine judge, consultant and writer, Michael Fridjohn?

Sweden’s Rekorderlig targets SA’s changing tastes

Swedish cider company, Rekorderlig, which entered the South African market last month, is looking to tap into the same trend which is buoying craft beer producers — changing consumer palates in favour of “new and different” beverages.

Big names in the mix for IFEA 2014 – Africa’s BIGGEST food & drink event

IFEA 2014 – Africa’s food and drink event, taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg next week (05 – 07 November) will see top South African companies showcasing their finest new products and services. Among them are Unilever Food Solutions, Rhodes Food Group, Ocean Mile, South African Pork, Lynca Meats, Beyers Chocolate, Sir Juice and Karan Beef.

Two SA luxury brandy firsts from KWV

KWV has unveiled SA’s first and only XO Cognac produced under a South African brand name, the KWV Héritage XO Cognac, and KWV Nexus 30 year old brandy, the world’s first commercially available 30 year old brandy containing potstill up to 42 years old.

US: PepsiCo confirms it’s on trial with SodaStream

PepsiCo is finally wading into the market of at-home prepared beverages. The cola giant is set to begin a limited test of its soda brands for use in SodaStream’s carbonation machines, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The science of hot drinks: a little warmth goes a long way

Very little in life can’t be improved with a hot drink. They can warm us or cool us down. They help numb pain when we’re ill. They even help us see the best in other people.

Research: Cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline

Dietary cocoa flavanols—naturally occurring bioactives found in cocoa—reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults, according to a study led by Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) scientists.

Test tube milk: Latest to hit the engineered food scene

Bio-engineering of food ingredients is one of the hottest topics in the food industry, and a new turn in this evolving science belongs to a Silicon Valley-based biotech startup that’s hoping genetically engineered yeast will produce a dairy alternative as good or better than the cow version.

LRQA Food Safety Conference

  ICYMI: Last week on DRINKStuff SA!

Read more...Namibia Breweries launches non-alcoholic malt drink

Namibia Breweries has launched VIGO, a premium malt based cooler described as “an invigorating, lightly sparkling soft drink”, and claimed as the first blonde malt soft drink made in Southern Africa.

“Game changing way” to produce wine, beer, cider with rooibos

Stellenbosch-based Red Dawn IP Holdings has announced that it has patented “a game changing way” of producing alcoholic beverages using fynbos plants ie, rooibos and honeybush.

Appletiser blushes pink and amber

Appletiser has added to its range of premium beverages with the launch of two new flavours in the Appletiser Colours range: Appletiser Colours Pink (Apple & Strawberry) and Appletiser Colours Amber (Apple & Peach).

Can artisanal ice make your drink that much better?

In the “craft cocktail” era, drinks with hefty price tags are the norm. And now, to complement fancy craft drinks, American entrepreneurs have come up with artisanal ice – a large, crystal-clear cube or rectangle that melts unhurriedly in your glass.


 News from around the web…
Sugar Love: A not so sweet story
Sugar was the oil of its day. The more you tasted, the more you wanted. In 1700 the average Englishman consumed 4 pounds a year. In 1800 the common man ate 18 pounds of sugar. In 1870 that same sweet-toothed bloke was eating 47 pounds annually. Was he satisfied? Of course not! By 1900 he was up to 100 pounds a year. In that span of 30 years, world production of cane and beet sugar exploded from 2.8 million tons a year to 13 million plus. Today the average American consumes 77 pounds of added sugar annually, or more than 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day. [Excellent essay from National Geographic. Ed]
Chiquita shareholders reject Fyffes merger
Investors in Chiquita Brands International have voted against the US produce giant’s plan to merge with Ireland-based peer, Fyffes, and putting a stopper to what would have become the world’s largest banana supplier.

Kellogg scientist: Protein has plenty of challenges
Cereal and plant proteins hold huge potential for breakfast cereal and snack bar fortification but taste and texture remain challenging, say Kellogg’s lead product development scientist.

US egg consumption highest it’s been in seven years: ‘Protein is where there is a big opportunity right now.’
Egg prices have risen steadily in the past three years, and firms touting plant-based proteins as an alternative have attracted a huge amount of media attention. But new data suggests that this has not damped demand for eggs, with per capita consumption now the highest it’s been for seven years.

Kombucha becoming more mainstream
Kombucha was once a misunderstood, obscure beverage relegated to natural food and health stores or celebrity diets. In the US, the fermented beverage is making headway in the mainstream beverage sector.
The unromantic truth: supermarkets aren’t dying, and that’s a good thing
As our modern hatred of supermarkets has grown, we have forgotten what they have given us.
So we need supermarkets. The problem is, we really don’t need the kind of supermarkets we’ve got. By giving too small a set of companies a free run at too much of the retail food economy, we have put at risk our future food security.
Dung beetles: Future heroes of organic food safety?
what if organic farmers had a natural, unobtrusive way to help reduce the risk of contamination from animal faeces on the farm? Enter the dung beetle.
When Intel or General Mills come knocking: lessons on when it’s time to sell your startup
Some entrepreneurs believe a company is forever. Others see it this way: selling your company one day is the whole point. A few life lessons in how to react when Intel, Coca-Cola or other giants take an interest.
US: Seafood deception: What’s wrong with shrimp
Bogus Kobe beef. Bad sushi. Poseur parmesan. Bastardised olive oil. Tainted honey. Horsemeat swapped for beef. Fake fish on menus and in stores nationwide. This week non-profit group, Oceana, released its latest study, which takes a look at how shrimp are sold in the US. The news isn’t good…
Frozen poop pills can cure intestinal infections
The healing powers of poop are now available in pill form — and a new study has found that just two days of the treatment can cure dangerous Clostridium difficile infections. The pills take the place of faecal transplants that have gained much credibility.

 Savannah Fine Chemicals

 Food Bites: They said it…

Branding is dead. Packaging is the new black

“IF you ever hear someone explain that ‘branding is something you feel, but you just can’t put your finger on’… well, we’d respond and let them know that with packaging you CAN put your finger on, even a couple fingers on … maybe even both hands. That’s why we think it’s the next best way to get your brand in the hands of your customer and make an stronger, emotional connection.”
Josh Vanderheide, creative director of US design agency, Also Known As, read more 
You want to be the next Chobani?
“MOST food and beverage start-ups grow only to be niche players – they may be big niche, but they’re niche. Achieving mass-market success is very rare in food and beverage now – Chobani is a 1 in 100,000 case. There’s fashion among some senior execs at the moment for saying ‘we want to find the next Chobani’. Which betrays a certain naivete….”
Julian Mellentin, CEO of New Nutrition Business
Corks vs screwcaps
“THERE can be no other industry in the world which relies on seriously outdated technology for the final component in its production process – and certainly none where a tried-and-tested modern alternative is available more cheaply and with a proven better performance.”
Michael Fridjohn, SA wine judge, consultant, writer, read more

Sugar ain’t so sweet!
“YOU can make dog poop taste good with enough sugar, and the food industry does.”
Dr Robert Lustig, American endocrinologist and anti-sugar crusader
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