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30 October 2013
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SmartStuff:   “The man who offers an insult writes it in sand, but for the man who receives it, it’s chiselled in bronze.”
Giovannino Guareschi, Italian journalist

Editor’s Stuff: Gold Pack Awards 2013!

South Africa’s packaging Oscars were announced last week at a gala function in Jo’burg – and congratulations to Unilever SA, Astrapak JJ Precision Plastics, Spec Tool & Die and Consol for scooping the Gold Pack Trophy, the top prize. And yes, it’s a food product!

Packaging is fundamental to the food and drinks sectors – and SA’s designers and converters are world-class.

Undoubtedly, the Gold Pack Awards programme – established by the Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA) 40 years ago – is firmly entrenched as the premier event for South Africa’s packaging fraternity.

Read about the food-beverage winners and finalists in the following two articles:

Enjoy this week’s newsletter – I’m endeavouring now to get it out in the week, as research indicates it’s better for higher levels of opening and reading!

Brenda Neall: publisher & editor
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Flavours & Fragrances – What they are made of & how they are regulated – See more at:
Flavours & Fragrances – What they are made of & how they are regulated – See more at:
  • Flavours & Fragrances – What they are made of & how they are regulated
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  Local News and Developments

Distell to launch new Amarula drink

As it gears up for Amarula’s 25th birthday next year, Distell is planning the launch of a new, very versatile variant of its globally famous alcohol brand that’s sold in over 100 countries.

SA’s food safety hopelessly neglected by govt- say experts

Some 3 000 people die from food poisoning annually in the US. In Africa, the figure is more likely around 2 000 people a day. In South Africa, implementation of food safety laws has been described as ‘dismal’ by experts. E coli, salmonella and listeria are the biggest threats to food safety, causing brain damage, paralysis and even death in severe cases.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has reiterated that there will be a cap on alcohol advertising in one form or another.

Talking to Clover CEO Johann Vorster

What is behind Clover’s decision to end its supply and service deal with Danone from the
end of next year?
“The deal restrains us from manufacturing a range of products including yoghurt and other fermented products, and custard… The deal expires at the end of next year and both parties have decided not to renew it. The long lead time allows us to make strategic investment decisions.”
Yellowtail caught in Indian waters, and farmed in Korea and Japan, and snoek from New Zealand and Namibia are on offer in local stores, major retailers have confirmed. 
PepsiCo/Simba is marking the 40th birthday of one of South Africa’s enduringly favourite snacks, NikNaks or amaNikNaks as its affectionately known in the township, with a new Spicy Beef flavour to complement the current range of Original Cheese and Fruit Chutney.
Aero has shown year-on-year volume and value growth, and now there’s a new variant on SA shelves. Nestlé recently introduced Aero Orange in a 38 gram and 100 gram pack sizes.

In case you missed it:
Pioneer Foods to axe 1,200 best-paid jobs
Big corporates have largely weathered the downturn, but now it’s hurting Pioneer Foods who is felling 10% of its workforce, mainly those in middle management.

SAB launches SA’s first flavoured beer

In a first for the South African beer category, SAB has introduced a new brand, Flying Fish Premium Flavoured Beer. 

Brand extension for Frankie’s – from soft drinks to ice lollies 

KZN beverage company, Frankie’s, has announced it’s extending the soft drink brand into the realm of frozen treats/snacks.

QPro International

 International Developments

World Food Prize laureates bemoan consumer acceptance of biotech science

The greatest challenge feeding the world’s growing population is not about the science needed to boost production, it is convincing the public to accept it, said three GM pioneers who received the 2013 World Food Prize this month. 

UK: Saturated fat pledge ‘a drop in the ocean’

A pledge by food manufacturers to cut saturated fat levels is “a drop in the ocean” in the fight against obesity, a top public health expert has said. Morrisons, Subway and Nestle are among firms signed up to the voluntary “responsibility deal” between industry and government. But Prof John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, said the approach “lacked credibility”. The Department of Health (DoH) said it would “make a huge difference”.

It’s not just about lager… SABMiller CEO Alan Clark has said while its ‘fundamental heartland’ is lager, it is looking to build beer demand, tap new consumption opportunities, with a focus on mixed-gender occasions.

The Ketchup Wars: McDonald’s won’t serve Heinz anymore

Two iconic American brands have parted ways: McDonald’s will stop serving Heinz ketchup in all of its stores worldwide after the condiments company hired the former head of Burger King as its new chief executive.

Starbucks opens its first tea bar as it bets on a $90bn global market

Americans love their coffee. A decent cup of tea, however, has been harder to find, though that is about to change. Starbucks has just opened its first Teavana tea bar in New York City, and in the next five years aims to do for tea what it has done for coffee. Who wouldn’t want a cut of a $90bn global market?

An American mystery: Why are Chinese-made jerky treats killing pets?

Approximately 580 dogs have died and 3,600 reported sick in a mysterious connection with consuming Chinese jerky treats, according to a new update from the US FDA.

US: Scrutiny intensifies on energy drinks
Energy drinks are coming under scrutiny yet again, with the filing of an $85-million wrongful death lawsuit against Red Bull.

 Trends, Marketing and NPD

Britain’s food revolution: ten ways of eating differently

Heston Blumenthal was named chef of the decade in the 10th annual Observer Food Monthly Awards last week. The Guardian reflects on 10 years in which the British food revolution came of age.

US: Canned foods slide in pursuit of ‘freshness’

Except during the recession when consumers sought less expensive groceries, retail sales of canned, jarred, and otherwise preserved foods have been in decline. Ready meals such as canned stew, fruit, and seafood saw the steepest drops since 2003, according to researcher Euromonitor International.
Guilt-free consumption
Fueled by a pervasive awareness of the conflicts between their consumerist impulses and their aspirations to be ‘good’, experienced consumers are increasingly wracked with guilt. The result? A growing hunger for a new kind of consumption: one free from worry (or at least with less worry) about its negative impact, yet that allows continued indulgence.
Move over, bitter Indian pale ales and chocolaty stouts. There’s a new kid on the American craft-brewing block, and it aims to knock the salivary glands into action. It’s called “sour beer”.

Nestlé UK to reformulate KitKat in salt-fat reduction pledge

Nestlé UK and Ireland is reformulating its iconic KitKat bar, which will result in the removal of 3,800 tons of saturated fat from the public’s diet, improving the nutritional profile of the product.
Of major importance to the food industry, these four issues are among seven long-term ‘megatrends’, business growth themes that will change everyone’s lives in the coming years.

Kerry Citrus

 Food Science, Technology and Ingredients
There is massive global excitement and interest in stevia, and in South Africa, too, as manufacturers seek to deliver on consumers’ over-arching desire for things ‘natural’. Brian Lanton, MD of Cape Food Ingredients, offers this practical advice on the issues, challenges and application of steviol glycosides. 
Bread baked to a fluffier texture tastes saltier than more dense counterparts of the dietary staple, a new study shows. This discovery might prove useful for lowering the salt content in bread — the highest source of sodium in many national diets.
Coffee is for babies. An American company is finding ways to make the body respond even more strongly to the same amount of caffeine. Get ready to be wired all day. 
Frozen broccoli’s cancer-fighting properties restored
Researchers who discovered frozen broccoli lacks the ability to form sulphoraphane, the cancer-fighting phytochemical in fresh broccoli, have shown how the food industry can restore the frozen vegetable’s health benefits.

In case you missed it: Beyond caffeine: the prospects for alternative energy boosters
Around the world, consumer demand for energy-boosting products is at an all-time high. At the centre of the energy craze is one of the world’s oldest and most widely consumed drugs: Caffeine. But a scramble is on to find the next energy-boosting blockbuster.

 Health and Nutrition

Saturated fat heart disease ‘myth’
Four decades of medical wisdom that cutting down on saturated fats reduces our risk of heart disease may be wrong, a top UK cardiologist has said.
The rise of food allergies and First World problems
All of a sudden, everyone’s allergic to something. What happened? The rise of allergy is likely due to a number of factors that are mostly the result of an increasingly wealthy, sophisticated, modern Western society. In other words, First World Problems. 

Music makes women drink faster
Ever wonder why there is loud music playing in so many bars, even though it makes it almost impossible to have a conversation? Newly-published research suggests one good reason: It inspires faster drinking, at least among young women.

What has alternative medicine got that modern medicine has lost?
What is it about alternative medicine that its adherents find so compelling? What has conventional medicine lost? With the heavy burden of evidence-based medicine, and cries for proof of efficacy, legislation and regulation, why are so many people willing to put their faith in therapies that have no compelling scientific basis or evidence whatsoever?
Antibacterial everything really is a bad idea
The hunt for antibiotic-resistant superbugs has taken researchers to hospitals and factory farms. But maybe their quest should start at your bathroom sink.

 Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Stuff
There are many options for storing half-cut fruit and vegetables, and now some clever American designers have come up with a new idea, Food Huggers. 
Innovation: The 2013 Dyson Awards
James Dyson will announce the winner of the international student design award that carries his name next week. If you love innovation and lateral thinking, take a look at the 20 fascinating finalists. One is food-related, namely a fridge-free way of storing fresh fruit and vegetables.

 Food bites…2013: The complaining customer doesn’t want a refund

“HE WANTS a connection, an apology and some understanding. He wants to know why you made him feel stupid or ripped off or disrespected, and why it’s not going to happen again.

“If you have a department that sends out form letters and refund coupons, what you’ve done is built the ability, at scale, to get rid of people who are giving you a second chance.

“When the refund for the broken M&M’s or the artificially flavoured nuts that should have been delicious, or the $20 inconvenience fee in exchange for the torture you put a frequent flyer through arrives, you’ve basically sent a form letter that says, ‘goodbye’.

“Which is your choice, of course, but if you think that this expression of goodwill is going to be seen as goodwill, you’re wrong.

“Try candor or inviting them to an online focus group. Perhaps try being human. Try giving them a chance to be a voice of the concerned, energetic customer, a voice that needs to be heard by people who actually make decisions.”

Seth Godin, US management, internet marketing guru

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