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27 September 2013
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Editor’s Stuff: The booze squeeze ups a notch!
It’s been boiling for ages, and now the two sides are stepping into the ring.
Cabinet has approved the draft bill banning alcohol advertising and it was due to be gazetted for public comment on Wednesday – and industry has vowed to fight it vehemently.
I used to be equivocal on this one, but now I’ve shifted my opinion. The abuse of alcohol by many in this country and the social-health tolls are shocking. Agreed… something must be done, but is this step appropriate and really necessary, with all the detrimental economic fallout?
All the research says ‘No’, advertising bans have no impact on consumption. It’s putting a plaster on a festering sore that is a result of SA’s poverty, inequality, lack of education. I like what Peter Bruce, editor of Business Day, has had to say on the matter:
“An advertising ban is a very blunt and clumsy instrument with which to treat a very easily define and narrow social problem. The fact is that the majority of South African s do not drink at all, and those who do, a statistically very small minority abuse it. An alcohol abuse policy that doesn’t target that minority is destined to become a form of abuse in itself.

“The health minister’s waving of a simple legislative hand. It will do nothing to slow the market and even less, if possible, to stop abuse. And if the minister thinks he can stop kids drinking (or smoking) with a simple wave of the legislative hand, he is deluded. Parents who drink have kids who drink. Add to that a profit margin driven by a degree of prohibition and our sophisticated criminal class will be all over the booze market in way the good minister cannot now even imagine.”

SA Breweries’ (SAB’s) dominant position in the South African beer market might, over time, give it an advantage if the government went ahead with a ban on alcohol advertising, but SABMiller chief executive Alan Clark said it was hard to predict exactly what would happen.

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  Local News and Developments
To bring some of its Good Business Journey stories to life in a new two-part summer Foods TV ad campaign, Woolworths is taking it a step further by giving consumers the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes realities of where its food comes from.
Kerry Ingredients & Flavours has revamped its famous Orley Whip, and changed its packaging from a carton into a convenient ‘pour and store’ plastic bottle.
In an NPD move that has curiously not been done before, Danone Southern Africa has launched a new brand for the kiddie market, Yo-Jelly, described as ‘a brand new and unique product that combines the fun taste sensation of jelly with the trusted health benefits of yoghurt’. 
Amarula is the only South African brand to make it on to the list of the world’s top 100 premium spirits brands in terms of volumes sold, according to Impact Databank, a US-based company that is a leading source for drinks statistics and analysis. The list features brands that sell in excess of a million nine-litre cases annually.
Zim hands out Zambian grain to stave off starvation
Zimbabwe’s Agriculture Minister Joseph Made says that imported maize is being handed out to vulnerable people in a bid to stave of famine.
M&L Distributors awarded distribution rights for Mondelez International
International trading and distribution company, M&L Distributors, will be distributing Mondelez International’s imported products ie Tang Powdered Beverages, Miracle Whip and Philadelphia Cream Cheese throughout South Africa.
In announcing its annual results recently, Clover indicated it will directly be entering the yoghurt arena after fully cutting ties with Danone at the end of the year.

QPro International

 International Developments

The finalists and winners of the 2013 Beverage Innovation Awards @ Drinktec – sponsored by Rexam Beverage Can – were announced at a special awards ceremony at Drinktec in Munich last week. The expert judging panel analysed over 370 entries from 40 countries in 29 categories. Here are winners in the drinks categories, click here for winners and finalists in the packaging and processing categories.
Last week saw the quadrennial drinktec take place in Munich, a trade expo that is surely the international showcase of the beverage and liquid food industries. The organisers, Messe München, describe it as such: “Euphoric mood at the world’s leading trade fair”, “66,886 visitors – a rise of 14 percent”, “183 countries – even wider international spread”, exhibitors declare: ‘drinktec is simply the best’.
UK: Cadbury facing revolt over new Dairy Milk
British chocolate fans are mad that Mondelez has changed the shape and taste of its classic Dairy Milk bars since being bought out by the American company.
US: Pork mega-deal gets final yes from shareholders
Shuanghui International has won the largest-ever Chinese takeover of a US company, with shareholders of pork giant, Smithfield Foods, almost unanimously approving its $7.1-billion offer.
ADM to establish new global HQ and customer centre
Food behemoth and the world’s largest grain processor, Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), is exploring establishing a new global headquarters and customer center. It’s current HQ is in Decatur, Illinois.
A new report from Credit Suisse says the global backlash against sugar is about to start hitting the shares of food and beverage makers over the next few years.

 Marketing, Trends, Innovation and NPD
Hold the fries, pass the salad! McDonald’s reports it will offer healthy options as part of its popular value meals, letting customers choose a side salad, fruit or vegetables instead of french fries. This news follows the launch by competitor, Burger King, of lower-calorie French fries.
Burger King, known for its “Whopper” hamburgers, has introduced lower-fat french fries as consumer groups and nutrition experts in the US increase pressure on the food industry to offer healthier alternatives.
Love for organic, or hate of conventional: What drives consumer choice?
As consumer demand for local and organic products grow, new research asks whether it a love for these characteristics or a hate for ‘conventional’ food is driving purchases.
Nice bit of NPD out of the UK that puts a new spin on an old staple, and which is an ideal match for a healthy-snack hungry world…. Whole Earth, producers of organic and natural foods, has squeezed its crunchy peanut butter into easy to eat-on-the-go sachets.
A rarity in SA bakery books, it’s pretzel mania time in the US. The pretzel is taking over the American stomach — particularly as a holding vehicle for burgers and sandwiches. And the trend is fast moving beyond bread.
UK: Next new trend-setters – the Haloodies
Move over organic – the new big business in food is halaal. Their culinary buzzword is provenance; they know their Jamie from their Nigella; and they have the spare cash to splash on eating out, if they could only find the right restaurants. The catch is that any meat they eat must be halal, on either religious or taste grounds.
Top seven social media marketing trends that will dominate 2014
With new social networking platforms appearing from behind every corner, it can be hard to know exactly where to commit your time and resources. And as we move into the latter-half of 2013, it’s important to look ahead to where social networking is going, and how you can get on board.
McDonald’s aims to eliminate the use of millions of polystyrene hot beverage cups in the US following a successful large scale test of paper cups. With more than 14 000 restaurants around the country, the decision is huge.
This tour through the history and marketing of Johnnie Walker in emerging markets is a blueprint for how marketers can use our aspirational desires to sell us lots and lots of stuff — all over the world.
After 40 years’ worth of marketing surveys, it’s no shock that taste is important to consumers; however, the surprise is that in many cases, we find taste takes second place or worse to other factors.

Kerry Citrus

 Food Science, Technology and Ingredients
The scientific debate about GM foods is over: They’re safe. Now what?
Within the scientific community, the debate over the safety of GM foods is over. But the discrepancy between the public debate over GM foods and the debate within the scientific community has left many scientists puzzling over the question: What evidence will it take to convince the public that GM foods are as safe as non-GM foods?
Adding some groove to the US military’s Meals RTE
The US Army’s food R&D arm has developed a novel retorting method to improve the retort processing and cost of its famous Meals, Ready-to-Eat and Tray Pack products.
A study published in Gastroenterology shows that carbonation in soft drinks may alter the brain’s perception of sweetness and make it difficult to distinguish between sugar and artificial sweeteners.
In case you missed it: Healthier food, by stealth
Under pressure from several quarters, food manufacturers are responding to remake their products with less added sodium and sugar. But they are doing it quietly. In fact, the industry’s name for the strategy is stealth reduction.

 Health and Nutrition
Beyond the gym: Is satiety the next frontier for protein?
While building muscle may take centre stage for protein ingredients, there is a mass of potential health benefits from increasing protein intakes, and increasing satiety may be the next big thing.
The brain cannot be ‘fooled’ by artificial sweeteners, warn researchers
It is hard to fool the brain by providing it with ‘energyless’ sweet flavours, according to new research in mice that suggests that consumption of zero-calorie sweeteners leads to higher sugar consumption later.
There are not many compensations for ageing, but one has just been unearthed by Danish researchers that will bring a glow to the cheeks of oenophiles of a certain age. Their study of hangovers across adulthood has found their severity depends on age.

 Food bites…2013: The joy of cooking with science

“I’VE ALSO noticed a growing disconnect between the role of food science and today’s food culture. Cooking is a scientific process, after all, but calling food “processed” has become a slur. It’s almost as if we are expected to hide the science that goes into our food. This wasn’t always true: If you look at advertisements from the 1940s and ’50s, they celebrated that the latest chewing gum used artificial sweeteners and flavouring agents, because that was the hot thing. Today, though, everything is supposed to be “natural”, simple, old-fashioned.
“We’ve been brainwashed to believe that science is scary. Just think about MSG, which has been banned in certain cities and provokes an irrational fear in many consumers. But it’s just a sodium ion attached to glutamate, which is something your body produces naturally and needs to function. True, MSG doesn’t exist in nature; it’s a scientific invention. But multiple studies have failed to show that it makes anyone sick. It only makes food taste delicious.

“Yes, natural is good and healthy, and whole foods are important. However, experimentation is important too. Once you realise that cooking is a science, you realise that it’s the only science in which innovation is frowned upon—where there are powerful efforts to stifle and stall innovation. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, let’s celebrate the kitchens, labs, and people who are creating foods and tastes that we’ve never experienced before.”

 David Chang, high-profile Korean-American chef and entrepreneur
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