Newsletter 25 April 2014

25 April 2014
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Editor’s Stuff: Dairy Champions 2014!
There were a lot of deservedly chuffed dairy folk at GrandWest in Cape Town on Wednesday evening at the gala dinner to announce the annual DuPont Qualité Awards and SA Dairy Championships.

This year 68 producers entered a whopping 821 products many categories covering butter, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, flavoured milk, dairy dips, ice cream and dairy dessert.

A team of 58 judges, hailing from six provinces and comprising experts in the field of cheese, food science and sensory evaluation, as well as chefs and foodies, had the mammoth task of tasting and reviewing the hundreds of entries. 
“The variety of dairy products and specifically cheese that are currently available from boutique and larger producers are unprecedented and consumers have developed tremendously in terms of preferences and knowledge,” says Johan Ehlers, CEO of event organiser, Agri-Expo.
Congratulations are due all round: to all the winners, the judges and and especially Agri-Expo in organising such a complex event, as well as key sponsor, DuPont.
Read all about it on the link below!
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  Local News and Developments
Win a bottle of new Amarula Gold!
Amarula, a local premium brand that’s now a global sensation, celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Fitting for this milestone, Distell has launched Amarula Gold, a super-smooth, sophisticated premium spirit with a bold new taste.
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FutureLife, brand leader in the South African functional food market, has announced the extension of their current SmartFood range into the bar category.  
Mondelez SA has launched an addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly family – Top Deck! Based on South Africa’s top-selling chocolate slab, Bubbly Top Deck is set to follow in the aerated footsteps of the successful Bubbly and Bubbly Mint variants. 

Simba introduces South Africa’s first potato chip strip pack

PepsiCo/Simba has launched South Africa’s first potato chip strip pack to answer the market’s need for added convenience and choice in the snack aisle.
Absolut limited edition in celebration of SA’s 20 years of democracy
When it comes to creative expression, no brand quite does it like Absolut Vodka. Its latest example is the launch of limited edition packs to celebrate 20 years of democracy in South Africa.
Hamburger franchise Burger King says 5 000 jobs in five years will be created from a R50- million meat manufacturing plant in Elsies River, Cape Town. A joint venture with local company Excellent Meat, the plant will be able to produce three million patties a month by next year. 
British ‘Virgin’ billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, is making a foray into South African wine making with the purchase of the Franschhoek wine farm Mont Rochelle Hotel & Mountain Vineyards. 
SA’s wine industry enjoys sparkling exports in 2013
Rabobank has published a new report on the global wine industry, looking at issues of supply, demand and pricing in key markets worldwide, particularly South Africa. It notes that both bulk and bottled wine exports from South Africa enjoyed strong growth in 2013. 
In case you missed it: Taste Holding’s makes big moves in pizza and chicken
Taste Holdings has signed a 30-year master licence agreement to develop the international Domino’s Pizza brand in Southern Africa, considered the world’s leading pizza delivery brand.
Kerry Citrus

 International Developments
Top ten wealthiest in food and drink 2014
recently published a list of the top 500 billionaires on the planet. Heading the list was Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, with a fortune of £45.2bn. But it wasn’t just internet entrepreneurs on the list. Food and drink businesses are responsible for the fortunes of a number of the world’s top billionaires. Here are the top 10 wealthiest people in world food and drink manufacturing. 
German flavours and fragrances group, Symrise, is to buy France’s Diana Group for an agreed €1.3 billion including debt to narrow the gap on top rivals Givaudan, Firmenich and International Flavors & Fragrances and expand in natural ingredients and pet food. 
US: Greek yoghurt all day long!
Chobani, America’s No 1-selling Greek yoghurt brand, plans to expand into other categories this US summer as it faces intensifying competition in the fast growing category. It’s also looking to new international markets. 

ADM abandons sale of cocoa unit

Easter came early for the global chocolate makers this year. Just days before one of the busiest holidays for chocolate sales, Archer Daniels Midland ditched long-running efforts to sell its niche cocoa business, easing concerns that have weighted on the market for months about a possible tie-up with ADM’s closest rival. 

Can Wal-Mart really make organic food cheap for everyone?

It could be another milestone in organic food’s evolution from crunchy to commercial: Wal-Mart, the king of mass retailing, is to “drive down organic food prices” with a new line of organic food products. They will be at least 25 percent cheaper than organic food that’s on Wal-Mart’s shelves right now. 
The US Supreme Court spent about an hour on Monday listening to arguments from POM Wonderful and Coca-Cola in a case that could have far-reaching implications for American food and beverage marketers. 
Food activists are transforming the relationship people have with what they eat. Yet most food companies are loath to give these activists the time of day, accusing most anyone who questions their practices as at best uninformed and, at worst, stupid. 

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 Trends, Marketing and NPD
A new independent academic review out of the US concludes that consumers have spent hundreds of billion dollars purchasing premium-priced organic food products based on false or misleading perceptions about comparative product food safety, nutrition and health attributes. 
The free-from foods market is booming in many parts of the world, widening into new categories and increasingly moving into the mainstream with introductions from major manufacturers and brands. Leading supermarket multiples are dedicating more shelf-space and improving in-store signage, as well as offering their own brand ranges in many instances, reports Innova Market Insights. 

Dieters move past calories, food makers follow

Obsessing over calories alone has left dieters with an empty feeling. And so calorie counting that defined dieting for so long is giving way to other considerations, like the promise of more fibre or natural ingredients. That is chipping away at the popularity of products like Diet Coke, Lean Cuisine and Special K, which became weight-watching staples primarily by stripping calories from people’s favourite foods. 
The packaged foods industry’s sales are flagging, and its business leaders seem to think the economy and the need for better marketing are to blame. The Hartman Group’s research indicates it’s something else: the food
The Corona Coup: How marketing sells so much bad beer
Constellation Brands, best known as a wine empire, is once again crooning about Corona. Last year it bought all of the Mexican brewery that makes the beer and the company that imports it to the US. The results have been intoxicating: Profit in the recent quarter almost doubled because of a surge in Corona sales. Here’s the curious thing: Corona is not very good — at least by most critical accounts. 
If you can successfully make and market Kool Aid and Tang, why not do the same with rum, vodka and margaritas? That’s the aim of a start-up US company that’s had the internet in a tizzy over what appeared to be the regulatory approval of a powdered alcohol product, dubbed Palalcohol, which could be added to water or food. 
 See all 2014 trends reports here!

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 Food Science, Technology and Ingredients

Cited by the famed MIT (Massechussets Institute of Technology) as one of its 2014 Ten Breakthrough Technologies, relatively cheap drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities are revolutionising agriculuture, giving farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage.

Is there a smarter way to deal with food waste?

One firm convinced the answer is ‘yes’ is WISErg – a start-up founded by two former Microsoft execs that have just convinced Whole Foods Market to give their patent-pending technology a test-drive.

Smoking out microbes

Liquid smoke, a dark fluid made from condensed wood smoke, is a well-used flavourant and ingredient. Recent research now shows it has useful added functionality as an antimicrobial. 
Bees are in distress around the world, and it’s still unclear why their numbers are declining so disturbingly. So what would a supermarket without bees look like? Whole Foods pulled all produce dependent on pollinators from the shelves of one of its stores – a whopping 237 items, or 52 percent of the normal product mix. See what it looks like…

Is hair in food a health risk?

Finding a hair in your spaghetti is gross, no question. And while protecting food from possible hairy contamination is an elementary part of any food hygiene and safety regime, it is not, for the most part, a health threat… 

The science of champagne fizz: How many bubbles are in your bubbly?

The role of fizz, or effervescence, in sparkling wines and champagnes is not to be underestimated — it contributes to the complete sensory experience of a glass, or flute, of fine bubbly. A scientist has now closely examined the factors that affect these bubbles, and he has come up with an estimate of just how many are in each glass.

 Health and Nutrition

TED Talk: Why dieting doesn’t usually work

In the US, 80% of girls have been on a diet by the time they’re 10 years old. In this honest, raw talk, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt uses her personal story to frame an important lesson about how our brains manage our bodies, as she explores the science behind why dieting not only doesn’t work, but is likely to do more harm than good.

Supplemental science

Chemical firms that make dietary nutrients are investing in research and better formulations to win over customers and skeptics.

Hunger and low blood sugar can spur domestic quarrels

Furious that your husband forgot to put the toilet seat down — again! Furious that your wife has invited your in-laws to stay — again! Don’t get mad. Get eating. 

British health experts say the current ‘5-a-day’ fruit and vegetable guidelines are not good enough and should be raised to ‘7’ or even ’10-a-day’. 

 Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Stuff
There’s bad breath and then there’s garlic breath. Anyone who loves garlic bread or pesto knows the trade-off is the foul taste that follows, even hours after eating your meal. There are many anecdotal remedies, but now science has come up with some more definitive answers. 

ICYMI: The Lightie: A small light with big ambitions
South African designer and social entrepreneur, Michael Suttner has already won several high-profile accolates for his invention, the Lightie: a portable solar-powered light that fits into a standard soda bottle. The low cost and durable device is designed to provide sustainable, safe, and affordable lighting to people in developing nations.

Food bites…2014: They said it this week!

Got Raw Milk, along with E Coli and Salmonella?
“A REFRESHER course in the work of Louis Pasteur should be mandatory for advocates of so-called raw milk.
   “For anyone who missed fourth-grade science, Pasteur discovered that heating milk for a very brief time killed E coli, salmonella, listeria, campylobacter and a stew of other bacteria that can cause serious or fatal diseases, especially in children.
   “Nonetheless, an alliance has formed to advance legislation requiring state and federal regulators to end many of the restrictions on unpasteurised milk sales. It’s an unlikely marriage at that, combining the more ardent foes of industrialised farming with the anti-government wing of the political right.
   “Those promoting raw milk claim — in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary — that pasteurising milk destroys proteins, enzymes and vitamins that prevent allergies, asthma, even cancer. Of course, there is no proof of this, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raw and pasteurised milk are nutritionally indistinguishable.”
James Greiff, Bloomberg editor, read more
The evolution in packaging over the last 30 years
“UNDOUBTEDLY packaging’s challenges will grow even more complicated in the future. The booming global population, particularly in Africa, combined with changing diets and even lower-carbon living, will fuel demand for different types of packaging products. And that’s exactly why the future is so exciting.
   “In my experience, over the last 30 years, every time packaging has been under the microscope, we’ve responded in the only way that we know how: with products that are lighter, greener and more innovative that the previous generation. I know that, whatever happens, that trend will continue.”
James Crick, business development director, Nampak Plastics UK, read more 
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