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Editor’s Stuff: If you want to do Anuga, get going now!
AnugaOne of the most exciting experiences for any food industrialist or marketer is a visit to Anuga, the world’s biggest food fair that takes place every two years in the giant expo centre that is KolnMesse on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne.
The October event draws some 6 500 exhibitors and around 150 000 trade visitors  – and its size and scope has to be seen to be believed. Anuga is a hard-nosed business and trading fair, but it is also 300 000 square metres of inspiration, ideas and innovations. There are many reasons to be there – to exhibit, to trade, to look, to uncover, to be inspired, to plagiarise… and having done it several times in the past, I believe it should be on the “must-do” list of anyone in the industrial food game.
I’m thrilled at the prospect of going to Anuga again this year – and I am working with KolnMesse (the show’s organisers), the SA-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry and accredited travel agency, Trade Fair Travel, to offer FOODStuff SA readers a great deal to get to Anuga.
Trade Fair Travel has years of experience in promoting German trade fairs, assuring travellers of well-organised tours and travel plans. Especially important is their securing of great hotel accommodation in Cologne, a very rare commodity in the city at peak and crowded Anuga time.
Click the Anuga logo for more info!

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 Local Food Industry Stuff
The battle for the SA burger-share-of-mouth is hotting up, with news that we could soon be snacking on Big Whoppers – Burger King has said it is assessing opportunities in SA as sluggish economic growth in its US home market continues to hamper sales, making emerging markets look more attractive.
With the world’s oceans in dire straights, eating wild-caught fish is increasingly an ethical decision for many. South Africa has a sensible system of knowing which seafood is sustainably produced, but this investigation by The Times shows that in many instances it’s being paid not much more than lip service by its partners and supporters.
Grey imports on SA’s retail shelves
Grey, or parallel, goods are 100% legitimate, but they are not intended for sale where they are being sold. Familiar but locally unavailable products such as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk biscuits, Nestlé Yorkie and Toffee Crisp bars, Kit Kat Senses and Nestlé Shreddies have been appearing on the shelves of Shoprite/Checkers. Intrepid consumer columnist, Wendy Knowler, has been investigating the issue. 
Mozambique’s first Pick n Pay store due to open
Africa’s second-largest food retailer, Pick n Pay, has announced that it is opening its first store in Mozambique, located in Maputo. The Maputo store is about 3 500 square metres and will include a clothing and liquor offering. Pick n Pay aims to open five more stores in Zambia over the next four years and will open another two stores this year in Mozambique.
2011 is proving to be an excellent year for Swift Micro Laboratories. Besides celebrating two decades of service to the food industry, the company has received a South African Quality Award and opened its latest regional office in Durban.


 International Food Industry News
Former presidents of the Republic of Ghana and Brazil are this year’s winners of the World Food Prize for their work to reduce by half the number of people in their countries who suffer from hunger.
SABMiller CE Graham Mackay says ‘it’s early days’ in the pursuit of Fosters, but the company may have to increase its offer that failed to impress the Australian brewer’s board. This commentary by The Economist...
Food prices expected to keep rising
Food prices will likely rise and volatility will continue, predicts a report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. “People are going be forced, either to literally eat less, or find other sources of income,” said OECD chief Angel Gurria.  
Tang became the most famous beverage in the galaxy more than 40 years ago when it rode along with astronauts in space. Now the powdered drink mix has reached a more earthly milestone.
At the recent 2011 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo four companies were presented with the 2011 IFT Food Expo Innovation Awards: DuPont Teijin Films, Ecolab, Loders Croklaan North America and Summit Resource Group.
As a Pakistani-born doctor who grew up in England, studied nutrition and agriculture in the US and consulted for the Mayo Clinic on diabetes and other diseases, Mehmood Khan’s background gives him a broad perspective. His job gives him a daunting challenge.
   Khan, 53, is PepsiCo’s chief scientist and CEO of its Chicago-based Global Nutrition Group. It’s his group’s task to more than double Pepsi’s healthier food portfolio to $30 billion in revenue by 2020.
Marine life is facing mass extinction “within one human generation” and the state of seas is “much worse than we thought”, says global panel of scientists… 

The winners in the 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation have been announced, representing breakthrough developments from brand giants such as Coca Cola, Intel, GlaxoSmithKlein and Heinz. 

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 Food Science, Safety and Ingredients
With recent estimates attributing the ongoing German E coli outbreak to 3 406 illnesses and 39 deaths, it has become the deadliest – and second largest – E coli outbreak in history. And while already singular in its impact, the outbreak sets itself farther apart in that its infections have resulted not from the infamous E coli strain O157:H7, but O104:H4, a rare strain never before linked to a large foodborne illness outbreak.
In the wake of Europe’s recent E coli outbreak food safety officials are asking once again what more can be done to curb the spread of food-borne illnesses.
Formaldehyde, a chemical widely used in industrial processes, styrene and a family of substances found in some herbal remedies, have been added to the US government’s official list of known human carcinogens, officials have announced.
If food scientists really want to stop the ‘lunatic fringe’ from hi-jacking the debate on topics from nanotechnology and irradiation to GM, they should stop wringing their hands and blaming the media and seize back the initiative…
Consumer preferences may be ‘conditioned’ by energy content: Unilever study
Consumer preferences and choices may be influenced by the energy content of foods, according to new research published in the journal Appetite

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 Food Trends, NPD and Marketing
‘The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography and Gift-Giving Reveal About Human Nature’  is a book written by Gad Saad, who for many years has been studying the fundamental question: are consumers made or born? It’s particularly relevent when it comes to understanding food choices…
While agave is probably best known as the plant from which tequila is made, there’s growing interest in its use as a sweetener in the form of agave nectar, also known as agave syrup, reports Innova. 
Adept local olive oil producer and packaging innovator, Willow Creek, has introduced a “Gourmet Squeeze” bottle filled with its most popular Estate Blend extra virgin olive oil.
Cultured butter from Ladismith Cheese was crowned SA’s 2011 Dairy Product of the Year two months ago – if anything, this development exemplifies the foodie trend exonerating this most delicious of fats. Here’s what the influential Hartman Group in the US has to say about butter… 
In a bold (sorry!) cross-category move, Lucas Bols BV and Rexam Personal Care — two firms with long traditions of innovation — have teamed to create the world’s first foam liqueurs. 

 Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Stuff
Scientists have discovered that the key to the best-tasting brew is to let it sit for six minutes before drinking. Not only does it avoid scolding but by then it has cooled to 60C, the optimum temperature to let the flavours flood out.
You know it’s a global village when… the bestselling shop-bought pizza in Italy, and indeed in 33 other countries around the world, is made by a German-owned food company on an industrial estate just off the M6 in Leyland, Lancashire.
Is this the ultimate closing of the food chain loop – meat synthesized from human faeces? Mankind has come up with all sorts of ideas for new meat sources from cloned animals to chowing down on insects, but this idea may be the most outlandish yet.
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