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Newsletter 21 November 2014



21 November 2014

We hunt down the latest food-drinks news
and trends so you don”t have to!

I would say laughter is the best medicine. But it’s more than that. It’s an entire regime of antibiotics and steroids.”
Stephen Colbert, American talk show host


Editor”s Stuff: The ongoing magic of rooibos!
How often do you hear people bemoan not how much they had to drink last night as the cause of their hung-over morning, but the FACT that it was the sulphites in the wine: ‘Those nasty preservatives that I’m allergic to.’
Fact or fiction, consumers would prefer additive-free anything, sulphite-free wines included. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is the most widely used and controversial additive in winemaking. Its main functions are to inhibit or kill unwanted yeasts and bacteria, and to protect wine from oxidation.


Most winemakers will tell you that it is not possible to make good wine without sulphur dioxide. This is not entirely true, but the risks are such that very few winemakers are prepared to take them.

Hence, today’s top story – a way to making SO2-free, ‘natural’ wines using the antioxidant effects of indigenous rooibos and honeybush wood.
News of the technology broke a few weeks ago, and now this week we’ve had the debut of the first wine made using it, Earth’s Essence Pinotage from KWV, a joint holder of the patented technique.
Bravo to those who’ve had the ingenuity to develop this, and bravo, again, to SA’s wonderful natural heritage!


Hope you enjoy this week”s read…. your clicks are much appreciated!

Brenda Neall: publisher & editor
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 This week on FOODStuff SA!

Read more...Tiger Brands’ CEO on huge Nigerian loss and 2014 annual results

Tiger Brand’s released its full year results this week for the year ended 30 September 2014. They weren’t pretty. Here veteran business journalist, Alec Hogg, questions the group’s CE, Peter Matlare, on the shortcomings and accountability of the massive loss incurred with its Nigerian Dangote Flour investment.

Read more...Choc giant takes on small SA jam producer

Making front page, lead story headlines today in the Cape Times... A family-run jam and preserves producer in Montague, Western Cape, has found itself in a David and Goliath-like legal pickle – it is being taken on by internationally renowned confectioner Ferrero over its trademark, Roscherr’s, which is the surname of the owner.

Polony wins at chicken’s cost in protein trade down

Chicken producers have cut back on volumes over the past two years as pressure on disposable incomes and strikes have forced some consumers to switch to other proteins such as polony and beans.

FoodSure launches new service offerings in quality and safety

FoodSure, the Jo’burg-based food label verification company, has expanded its service offering, from its original stand-alone service of food verification to now assist retailers and manufacturers in closing the operational gaps in quality and safety.

Propak Cape 2014 in review: A winning expo

The biggest ever Propak Cape, incorporating FoodPro, Pro-Plas Expo, Print Expo and Pro-Label Cape, took place at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) from October 21-23 and was a winner with 6 113 visitors who attended it over the three days.

SAAFoST Congress 2015: Save the date!

SAAFoST (SA Association for Food Science & Technology) has announced the dates and details of its biennial congress, taking place next year in Durban. An event to diarise for all local food industrialists.

Chocolate imperiled as scientists hunt for braver breed of cacao

Mark your calendar: January 1, 2020. As this future year unfolds, the gap between how much cocoa the world wants to consume and how much it can produce will swell to one million metric tons, according to Mars and Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate maker. By 2030, the predicted shortfall will grow to 2 million tons. And so on.

Mayonnaise wars: Unilever takes on start-up Hampton Creek

A big-money war is brewing over the meaning of America’s best-selling condiment: mayonnaise. The maker of Hellmann’s mayo, food giant Unilever, has sued the San Francisco start-up behind Just Mayo, an egg-less, mayonnaise-like sandwich spread giving Big Mayo a run for its money.

Exercise in a bottle is next food frontier for Nestlé

Tucked away near Lake Geneva, a handful of Nestlé SA scientists are quietly working on realising every couch potato’s dream: exercise that comes in a bottle.

USDA approves modified GM potato that reduces acrylamide

A potato genetically engineered to reduce the amounts of acrylamide, a potentially harmful ingredient in French fries and potato chips, has been approved for commercial planting, the USDA has announced.

Insect protein meals hit European shelves

The growing interest in insects as a mainstream source of protein has seen some commercial realisation in Europe recently, with launches in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Snackification of breakfast creates new opportunities

In 2014, $300-million was wiped off breakfast cereal sales in the US. But this money didn’t disappear. Instead, $70-million of it was diverted to increase the sales of one of the biggest disruptive innovations in the breakfast category, Belvita breakfast biscuits. The rest went to a host of high-growth challenger brands.

Brazil’s new approach to dietary guidelines

Brazil, like most developing nations, is facing the blight of obesity thanks to changing eating habits and a rush to convenience foods. The country has published new dietary guidelines aimed at countering these trends, but they are based on foods, food patterns, and meals, not nutrients – an approach that is being hailed as ‘revolutionary’ by some industry commentators.

When healthy eating becomes a dangerous obsession

The growing interest in eating healthy can at times have unhealthy consequences. Some doctors and registered dietitians say they are increasingly seeing people whose desire to eat pure or “clean” food—becomes an all-consuming obsession and leads to ill health.

New sports yoghurt solution offers active consumers an ‘approachable’ whey protein boost

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a whey protein for creating ‘sports yoghurts’ – yoghurt-based sports nutrition products that will appeal to active consumers who prefer not to use traditional gels and shakes.

An infinitely easier way to peel butternut squash

Butternut squash is a South African and global favourite, but peeling it is hard work – trying to slice through the squash and peel the skin off is so darn difficult. Here’s a solution that may change this butternut squash dilemma for you – forever.


Rockwell Automation

 ICYMI: Food news from your last newsletter!


Food security beehive system is R1-million SAB social innovation winner

The SAB Foundation has named local innovation, Bee-Pak, a compact bee farming system, as the R1-million prize winner in its 4th Annual Social Innovation Awards.

Innova releases its Top 10 Food-Bev Trends for 2015

“From Clean to Clear Label” and “Convenience for Foodies” lead the Innova Market Insights food and beverage ”Top 10 Trends” list for 2015.

Food fads: How they differ from meaningful shifts in food culture

Here’s a snapshot of what The Hartman Group sees happening to food culture on a wide scale. It goes far beyond food fads to some of the most meaningful shifts the US has seen in decades.

Against the grain: Gluten-free is changing the food industry

Consumer demand for products gluten-free products is rising rapidly. Sales of gluten-free food and drink there have surged from $5.4 billion to $8.8 billion over the past two years…

Read more...New wood-effect plastic crate set to transform fresh produce aisles

UK-based Polymer Logistics has globally launched the world’s first wood-effect crate, perfect for stores to boost their fresh produce aisles.

3D-printed food promises to be a boon for the elderly or ill

3D food printing holds exciting potential for future food applications – and one that”s close to commercialisation in Europe is for the elderly or ill who have difficulity in chewing…


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Read more...COMMENT: Government on an ad-banning roll

If you ban ads, the world will be a healthier and better place, or so the government seems to think… Wrong! writes veteran SA marketing and advertising commentator, Chris Moerdyk.

Distell’s Scottish Leader whisky stands taller, prouder

Scottish Leader, one of the world’s favourite blended Scotch whiskies, sold in 60 countries, is revitalising with a new look, an enhanced recipe and the introduction of an additional, premium Signature blend. The brand is now owned by Distell after its purchase of Burn Stewart Distillers in April 2013.

Über Flavour launches a healthy summer brew in SA

New on the South African beverage market is Über Flavour, an all-natural ingredients brew that is made using 100% fresh fruit juice and rooibos tea.

The genius of PepsiCo’s gross-out marketing: Doritos-flavoured Mountain Dew

When word got out a fortnight ago that PepsiCo was testing Doritos-flavoured Mountain Dew, the Internet had a brief but intense freakout—online hysteria erupting as if from a shaken bottle of soda. PepsiCo brands have had no reservations about tweaking signature flavours, often to gross effect but extraordinary marketing kudos.

Transforming lesser wine into vintage with the ‘Sonic Decanter’


We all know what it’s like to open a bottle of cheap wine and immediately wish we’d spent a bit more money. Instead of throwing the bottle in the bin or using it for cooking, however, a new device promises to make a young or lesser wine taste like a classic vintage within minutes.

One man’s epic quest to sanitise filthy, germ-riddled coffee cup lids

This article comes with a WARNING! Because it may well be the last time you drink a take-out coffee with your innocence intact….

 Kerry Food Ingredients & Flavours

 ICYMI: Drinks news from the last newsletter!

Read more...South African winemakers still stuck in the cork conundrum: why?

What’s the latest lowdown on the cork conundrum, asks leading SA wine judge, consultant and writer, Michael Fridjohn?

Sweden’s Rekorderlig targets SA’s changing tastes

Swedish cider company, Rekorderlig, which entered the South African market last month, is looking to tap into the same trend which is buoying craft beer producers — changing consumer palates in favour of “new and different” beverages.

Two SA luxury brandy firsts from KWV

KWV has unveiled SA’s first and only XO Cognac produced under a South African brand name, the KWV Héritage XO Cognac, and KWV Nexus 30 year old brandy, the world’s first commercially available 30 year old brandy containing potstill up to 42 years old.

The science of hot drinks: a little warmth goes a long way

Very little in life can”t be improved with a hot drink. They can warm us or cool us down. They help numb pain when we”re ill. They even help us see the best in other people.

Research: Cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline

Dietary cocoa flavanols—naturally occurring bioactives found in cocoa—reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults, according to a study led by Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) scientists.

Test tube milk: Latest to hit the engineered food scene

Bio-engineering of food ingredients is one of the hottest topics in the food industry, and a new turn in this evolving science belongs to a Silicon Valley-based biotech startup that”s hoping genetically engineered yeast will produce a dairy alternative as good or better than the cow version.



 News from around the web…
Buying patterns of fresh produce suggest ‘local is still lekker’
Retailers are constantly striving for balance between having world-class global offerings without compromising local procurement responsibilities. Like consumers elsewhere in the world, South African customers prefer to buy a food product if it is produced locally. 
Whisky is ‘definitely drink of choice in SA at the moment’

You might have nipped in for a dram at this year’s Whisky Live Festival on the go in Johannesburg recently, and if you did, you’re part of a swell of interest that’s made SA the 6th-largest whisky consumer in the world. An interview with Andy Watts, Three Ships Whisky master distiller.
Cargill, the $135-billion, family-owned food behemoth dominates all roads between the world’s farms and your dinner plate. Inside Cargill’s newly expanded, massive food innovation lab, a team of chemists and tasters are working to reinvent three of the most basic products in the world: sugar, salt and oil.
Ten foods taking over the American diet

Research firm NPD Group has revealed the top 10 foods that have surged in popularity over the past decade. The firm surveyed consumers about their eating habits and compared it with data from a decade ago, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, which first published the report.
Revolutionising traceability? DNA barcodes track the food, not the package

Food producers will be able to spray unique DNA barcodes directly onto food to improve traceability, when DNATrax becomes commercially available next year.
Trend Watch 2015: The new crunchy snacks

Everyone loves a good crunch. Here are some healthy, nutrient-rich crunchy snacks that are among the top food trends for 2015.
Cargill executive chairman Greg Page discusses the future of food and Africa
Cargill joined food and agriculture leaders this week in a conversation about how diverse stakeholders can work together to increase access to affordable and nutritious food for the world’s expected nine billion people by 2050.

Adult consumption of added sugars increased more than 30% over three decadese
As the US FDA considers a new food label detailing the amount of added sugars in foods, new research shows how it has crept into the American diet over the past three decades; for adults by more than 30 percent (228 calories per day in 1977 to 300 calories in 2009-2010); and for children by 20 percent (277 to 329 calories per day). 

Chickens today are shockingly bigger than they used to be
Researchers in Canada sought to raise three breeds of broiler chickens common in 1957, 1978, and 2005 without the influence of disparate feeds or hormones to see how they’d changed
The search for alternatives to antibiotics
Ask any doctor or veterinarian to rate the important medical discoveries of the past century, and antibiotics would surely be at or near the top of the list. But the “miracle of antibiotics” is being threatened…
Trends for 2015
Trend Watch: Eats and Experiences in 2015
2015 food trend predictions: Ugly, smokey and smelly
Sterling Rice Group: The Trendiest Foods For 2015
Trends Guru Phil Lempert Predicts Top Food Trends for 2015
Whiteman Report: 11 Hottest Restaurant Food & Beverage Trends in 2015
Top Ten Food Trends That Will Flavor the Foodscape in 2015
Cutting-Edge Food Trends For 2015: From Coconut Sugar To Cannabis Cuisine
Mintel Looks Into Its Crystal Ball And Shares Top 2015 Consumer Behavior

 Savannah Fine Chemicals

 Food Bites: They said it…

The modern supermarket is a miracle

“Few things can buoy the human spirit more than a trip to the local store. There, on endless shelves, stacked ceiling high, sit the progressive fruits of thousands of years of civilization, just waiting to be plucked into a shopping cart. Sometimes I come home giddy, and, while putting the cereal and milk in their proper homes, I regale my wife with the magic of it all.”

Kyle Peterson, managing editor of The American Spectator, read more
Organic? I want it, but don’t know what it means…
“What I think we’re seeing in grocery stores is that consumers are ultimately idealists. They desire honesty. They want to believe. They trust the label, and they’re willing to pay more based on that for something like ‘all-natural’ even though they’re not totally sure what it means.”

Kevin Meany, CEO of American brand consultancy, BFG

So is the world really going to run out of chocolate by 2020?
OK, so maybe it’s not as much a crisis as an overwrought reading of the basics of supply and demand. What we are really experiencing a chocolate deficit, which just means the world is eating more chocolate than it is making. Historically, such circumstances don’t lead to a complete dearth of a product or foodstuff; rather, scarcity simply tends to drive prices skyward and reduce consumption of any given newly-scarce commodity.”

On Tiger Brand’s Nigerian losses…
“I can’t forgive them for Dangote. No one’s taken any pain or suffered anything. They just wrote it off – just a journal entry through the books. ‘Sorry, we made a mistake.’ No one suffers. Believe me, there won’t be any bonuses forfeited or anything like that for just writing off R1-bn and I always question how they made the deal. Who sat around the table and actually decided to go into Dangote? Did Mr Dangote rub his hands and say ‘We have them’? It’s something, which has never been explained and something that really angers me. Corporates never really explain or even apologise, for some big mistakes and we’ve seen quite a few made in South Africa.”

Sasfin’s David Shapiro, one of SA’s favourite market commentators

 See all our 2014 food trend reports here! And beverage here!

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