Newsletter 18 February 2011

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Weekly Newsletter: 18 February 2011

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This week’s news!
SA: Introducing Anelich Consulting – SA’s food safety doyenne goes solo!

Results: Nestlé sizzles but Mrs Rosenfeld isn’t too happy with Cadbury’s.

EU gastronomy: France looks to take on Germany.

Coca-Cola denies its ‘secret’ recipe has been uncovered.

Martha Stewart: “Food is the new fashion”.

Fingerlimes: new darling of  fresh produce.
Is gluten-free a fad or a trend?

Science divided over vitamin D supplements.
Calorie counts on menus: nobody cares.
More evidence that zinc can help treat the common cold.

Proved: dairy products and sugar can cause acne.

Just how bad is aspartame? Reviving the debate.

US: Cargill launches high-pressure-treated beef patties.
Coca-Cola says no to biodegradable packaging.
Twenty things you didn’t know about taste.

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Editor’s Stuff – Tiger goes shopping in Africa again!
Tiger Brands
Have you ever heard of Davita Trading? No? Me neither. Writing and reporting on the SA food industry for eleven years now, I’ve never come across the name or company – another one of the surprising number of sizeable producers who opt to stay well under the radar. An extensive web search went unrewarded, revealing naught but an address and telephone number in Jo’burg.

Davita Trading is clearly no two-bit company. It’s a spice and powdered beverage maker and exporter that’s active in 28 countries in Africa and the Middle East, and must have some very happy shareholders, with news this week that it has been bought by our largest food company, Tiger Brands, for R1.34-billion as part of its strategy to expand its footprint in Africa.

If you know anything about Davita Trading – I’d love to hear from you!

Milestone: over one million impressions for BIDFood Ingredients’ ad! I was delighted to note this week that BIDFood Ingredients’ ad on the website has passed the one-million-impression milestone. My thanks to John Morris, CEO, and all at the group for their long and on-going support. My thanks, too, in fact, to all my valued advertisers: without you there’d be no stuff at all!

Talking advertising – with my new website and newsletter, hopefully that will be ready for launch in March, there are plenty of new and cost-effective ways to reach your market – guaranteed viewership at a fraction of the ad cost in any of the food trade mags. Speak to me!

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Feature article of the week

The end of the BSE plague

The first hint of catastrophe was 25 years ago, when in October 1987, David Brown of The Sunday Telegraph described “a mystery brain disease [which] is killing Britain’s dairy cows and vets have no cure”.

The BSE epidemic cost Britain billions, and devastated the British farming industry. Now, that plague is at an end. Last year just 17 cases were recorded worldwide in cattle. Yet there are good reasons why any celebrations have been put on hold. All told, around half a million infected animals entered the food chain. Although it remains unclear how many people ate the most infectious parts, it is clear that the majority of the British population was exposed.
So far, the human equivalent of BSE, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), has claimed 170 lives, mainly through consumption of BSE-infected beef. And because of the extraordinary incubation time of the disease, it is possible that many more cases may be waiting in the wings.
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