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Newsletter 17 October 2014


17 October 2014
We hunt down the latest food-drinks news
and trends so you don’t have to!

“The measure may be thought bold, but I am of the opinion the boldest are the safest.”  Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson

Editor’s Stuff: Be part of the Amarula party!

Read more...Amarula celebrates big with R25m birthday plans: join the party here!


Amarula has turned 25 and is throwing a R25-million party! We’re proud to be part of the celebrations, and have set up a great give-away with Distell; on offer for readers are 12 Amarula Cream gift packs! Click on the link above to enter.


It’s Propak Cape next week!

The packaging and food-drinks industries will converge on Cape Town’s CTICC next week for Propak Cape 2014, incorporating FoodPro, Pro-Plas Expo, Print Expo and Pro-Label Cape. Read more...

Running from 21-23 October, the biggest ever iteration of the expo will showcase the latest and best offered by SA’s packaging, food processing, plastics, printing, labelling and wine equipment vendors. Be there!

Another Cape Town date to diarise for next week:

One of SA’s finest food scientists, Kerry Ingredient’s Ryan Ponquett, who is also president of SAAFoST, is presenting a talk on Weds 22 Oct, in Cape Town:

“Flavour modulation technology, an olfactory and taste synergy
to reduce sugar, fat and salt”

Where and time: Kerry Ingredients, Montague Gardens; 18h00 for 18h30
Details and bookings: Sharon Beeming: 

Hope you enjoy this week’s read…. your clicks are much appreciated!
Brenda Neall: publisher & editor
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QPro International

 This week’s news on FOODStuff SA!

Stage set for spicy SA pizza war

South Africa’s two new challengers for the lucrative pizza market – Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut – had better hold on to their mozzarella, because established operators will not take the competition lying down.

SA’s national scandal: Hunger on an epic scale, says Oxfam

Read more...A report released by Oxfam this week calls epic food insecurity and hunger in this country a “national scandal”. As World Food Day (oct 16) approaches, the report “Hidden Hunger in South Africa: the faces of hunger and malnutrition in a food secure nation” reveals hunger is a daily and crippling reality for far too many.

Tiger Brands issues product recall for banned colourants

Illegal colourants have again found their way into the SA food chain, with Tiger Brands announcing today that it is recalling some of its cooking sauces and rice products after tests found traces of banned methyl yellow and Sudan 1.

Watchdog conditionally approves Clover, Dairybelle deal

The Competition Commission has recommended a conditional approval of the merger between JSE-listed Clover and Dairybelle’s yoghurt and long-life milk businesses.

Polyoak confirms all its factories are now FSSC 22000 certified

Polyoak Packaging, a leading supplier of rigid plastic containers to SA’s food-beverage sectors, has announced that all of its main manufacturing sites in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban are now FSSC 22000-certified.

Food and agri: ‘Innovation is the essential ingredient’ for growth

At present the food and agriculture sector is struggling in an operating environment characterised by slow growth, soft demand and ample supply, a combination that’s challenging business confidence. Yet the sector has a bright future, asserts Rabobank in a new report.

BroccoLeaf: Could it be the next kale?

A leading California fresh vegetable company is touting a new product, BroccoLeaf, as the next kale.

How to live a long time: ignore the anti-aging oxymorons

The natural foods industry is deep into the anti-aging business, and it’s all based on two lies—one about pesticides and toxins, the other about anti-oxidants. Neither toxins nor oxidation are the reason that we get old, and we can’t live longer by eating less toxins or more anti-oxidants.

SAAFoST’s fine FST magazine’s November issue is out, some highlights:
• Salty snack flavours: the savoury snacks category is ripe with innovation
• Trending ingredient topics: helping industry solve product development challenges
• Promoting and labelling of children’s food: new rules and those pending
• Linking water quality and microbiological safety of fruit and vegetables
• Responsible packaging design: a complex and influential business

For more details and subscriptions see:

LRQA Food Safety Conference

 ICYMI: Last week on FOODStuff SA!

Glanbia Nutritionals opens shop in SA

Irish-based global ingredient group, Glanbia, has established a local affiliate in Gauteng, and aims to offer its nutritional and functional ingredients, as well as its specialist services in customised premixes, to the local market.

Dairy drives global health innovation

Dairy, more than any other category, is perfectly positioned to profit from the most important consumer trends shaping the food industry…

At the forefront of food innovation

Ingenious and brave chefs – Britain’s Heston Blumenthal and Spain’s Ferran Adrià, for example – tend to set the tempo of foodie trends, many of which then filter down into the broader food industry…

GM feed for animals: just fine after 18 years

Since their introduction 18 years ago, a new study has concluded that feeding livestock diets that contain GM crops has no impact on their health or productivity…

GMOs? Old hat. Synthetically modified food is the new frontier

Synthetic biology, the newest arm of genetic engineering, holds astonishing and exciting promise for the food and food ingredient industries. And it’s already a reality, with commercialised products now in the food chain.

Low carb vs low fat: 23 peer-reviewed studies provide an answer

This article analyzes and synopsizes the data from 23 peer-reviewed, published studies comparing low-carb and low-fat diets. What comes out best?…

Kerry Citrus

 This week’s news on DRINKStuff SA! 

SoftBev set to be SA’s No 1 locally-owned soft drink company

Plastics packaging specialist Bowler Metcalf appears to have defied the sceptics by pulling off a R274m deal that could add considerable fizz to its investment in soft-drinks. The new entity, SoftBev, will become the largest locally owned soft-drink company in SA.

Lavazza-AVI deal aims to boost premium coffee in SA’s retail space

Read more...Forming part of its growth coffee growth strategy, both locally and across key African markets, AVI Limited, through its retail division Entyce Beverages and its out-of-home service division Ciro, has secured the exclusive distribution rights to Lavazza, one of the world’s largest single espresso brands. AVI is the biggest player in SA’s hot beverage market.

The ‘Steve Jobs of beer’

Ambition made Jim Koch, the head of Sam Adams, the US’s biggest craft beer, a billionaire. It also opened America to a craft-beer renaissance, and like Steve Jobs did with Apple, has made a very successful business out of satisfying a demand people didn’t know they had. Here’s a look at the man and his story…

Chilled coffee market gathers NPD momentum

Off a small base, the ready-to-drink (RTD) or iced coffee has been seeing a period of strong product and market activity in recent years, reports Innova Market Insights.

Unilever’s Lipton Ice Tea goes through global redesign and repositioning

The Unilever-owned brand of iced teas Lipton Ice Tea is going through a global rebrand to become better associated with natural revitalisation and wellbeing.

Is booze making you fat? Not necessarily

For years alcohol has been portrayed as your waistline’s arch enemy. Considering it’s a close second to dietary fat in terms of its calorie density — roughly seven calories per gram — it’s easy to see why. But alcoholic drinks come in many different forms and each has a different physiological impact on the body that’s far more complex than simply counting the calories on the bottle.

Poorly regulated energy drinks could be harming children, WHO warns

High-caffeine energy drinks are being widely consumed by children and young people and could be storing up “a significant public health problem” for the future, experts from the World Health Organisation have warned.

Dohler Ingredients

 ICYMI: Last week on DRINKStuff SA!


SA brandy industry: premiumisation path aims to revive fortunes

The local brandy industry is determined to fortify its position as a leading player in the ‘premium’ segment of the SA liquor market.

SABMiller executives set out long-term vision for superior growth

Top directors of SABMiller have outlined the company’s long term strategy for growth, including  building it outside the traditional role as the favourite drink for men in pubs.

Half full or half-empty: the outlook for glass packaging in SA

Brewers are increasingly turning to aluminium cans for packaging. Will South Africa follow this global trend or continue to be the exception to the rule?

Wine marketing 101: ‘Accept that wine is a commodity’

The first rule of wine marketing is to accept that wine is a commodity…. and several other pearls of wine-marketing wisdom.

The cola wars continue: Coke Life vs Pepsi True

PepsiCo has introduced a new mid-calorie variety called Pepsi True that combines stevia and sugar, just like recently launched Coca-Cola Life. Both come in a green can.

The whopping global growth of bottled water and tea

New data from the online database highlights the growth of bottled water and tea, between them contributing 55% of overall beverage market growth in the past five years.

US: PepsiCo launches ‘Caleb’s Kola’ craft cola

It has worked for beer, why not try it for soda? PepsiCo is launching a craft soda called “Caleb’s Kola” that comes in glass bottles reminiscent of a bygone era.

G&T with a twist: global takes on a classic British drink

While Brits like to think of the G&T as their own, in recent years it has become hugely popular across Europe and beyond, with many new takes on the classic drink.

The ‘memobottle’: new take on the reusable water bottle

Reusable water bottles are all the rage. There are many versions of the collapsible bottle, while a new design flattens the shape of a classic bottle to radically change its look.

Love or hate coffee? The reason may be genetic says new study

Genetics may be what separates people who can’t function without coffee and those who never touch the stuff, according to a new large-scale study.

 Savannah Fine Chemicals

  News from around the web…

Ingredion acquires Penford for $340m
Ingredion, the global starch ingredient group, has acquired Penford, a US-based manufacturer of specialty potato starch solutions. “Penford’s range of products addresses growing consumer trends, including nutrition, gluten-free, food textures, and sustainable green solutions,” says Ingredion.


Industry ‘deeply concerned’ by Ebola but no impact on big choc companies yet
Ebola is a huge humanitarian concern for the cocoa and chocolate industry, but contrary to some reports it is not yet having a major business impact for big chocolate players like Mars and Mondelēz.

The hottest snack in America right now is gourmet dehydrated meat
Growth in sales for meat snacks has far exceeded that of more traditional snacks like chips, candy and nuts last year, according to Nielsen. In the last five years, total dollar sales in the category grew from $1.58 billion to nearly $2.5 billion.
McDonald’s opens its supply chains to scrutiny
McDonald’s is suddenly talking about what’s in its burgers. And what’s in its nuggets. And, yes, even about the icky topic of pink slime. In an unusual, perhaps risky, social media campaign that’s clearly targeting Millennials, the fast-food chain is rolling out the first stage of a promotion that includes “behind-the-scenes” webisodes dubbed: ‘Our Food. Your Questions’.
Naturals boost global food colours market growth
The global food colours market is expected to reach a value of $2.3 billion by 2019, as food companies rapidly replace artificial colours with natural, despite the fact that they require new product formulations, different storage conditions and have reduced light and heat stability.
Can stevia chocolate ever be a mainstream retail fixture?
Stevia chocolate is beginning to gain momentum but could take at least a decade to achieve widespread acceptance among mainstream retail, according to a stevia chocolate firm.
M&S urges food and beverage brands to embrace ‘adaptable machinery’
The head of food packaging innovation at UK retailer, Marks & Spencer, has urged companies to invest in smaller, more adaptable machines to keep up with the pace of packaging change.
Biochemist creates a veggie burger that ‘bleeds’
A Stanford professor has invented a plant-based veggie burger that bleeds like real meat. Patrick Brown, biochemist-turned-entrepreneur, has reengineered an iron-containing molecule to get meatless burgers to taste, look and even cook like meat.  
Health and wellness a priority in developed beverage markets
The global beverage market is splitting into two distinct macro markets. Consumers in emerging markets are demanding big brands and traditional products such as carbonated soft drinks. In developed markets it is becoming all about health. 
Protein for breakfast cereals, French fries, and the aging population: talking key targets for fortification
The impressive growth with all things protein will continue, with clear beverages, breakfast cereal, and maybe even protein in French fries offering opportunities for suppliers and manufacturers alike. 

 Food Bites: They said it…

The craft beer revolution
“PEOPLE want more variety. They are drinking less, so they want to drink better. They want interesting, complex flavours. This force drove the interest in wine starting 30 years ago, in craft beer over the past decade, and in craft spirits more recently.”
Jim Koch, the head of Sam Adams craft beer in the US,
a billionaire, and dubbed the “Steve Jobs of Beer”, read more
McDonald’s honesty campaign
“THE truth is, McDonald’s is facing a marketplace where people increasingly want good food served fast, as opposed to fast food.”
TIME magazine on McDonald’s new social media campaign, read more
Tesco’s multiplying troubles
“I think that Tesco’s failure – no matter what they say – to engender any sort of loyalty among its suppliers or affection amongst its consumers will now hurt them. Waitrose has over the years built a reservoir of goodwill but Tesco is running on empty…. British shoppers are fair people who resent supermarkets apparently squeezing their suppliers or ‘barging’ into towns where they were not wanted.”
British business veteran, Nick Hewer, on Tesco’s current woes
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