Newsletter 16 May 2014

16 May 2014
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SmartStuff:    “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”  Erica Jong, American feminist writer


Editor’s Stuff: A HOT issue!
I will be so brave as to describe this newsletter as “HOT”!
I aim to make all FOODStuff SA/DRINKStuff SA newsletters topical and interesting, but the ‘hot’ label refers to the fact that, this week, there’s barely a contentious issue in the food industry that doesn’t get some sort of airing.

From GM labelling (see left), to the morality of being a carnivore and the fantastic possibilities in eating insects, to the bogey du jour – SUGAR, to food policy and what translates as healthy eating, to the impact of social media and the blogosphere, to antioxidants, gluten-free, nanotech, functional foods, BPA… hmm, that’s quite a lot! But, come to think of it, there are still a pile more issues of controversy left out…

Which only goes to show, there’s NOTHING dull about being a food industrialist. I can think of no other industry that is so fraught, wraught, wrent, wrangled, challenged, inspired, piqued, stimulated, enriched and energised by itself and those it serves. Aren’t we lucky to be a part of it all!

Enjoy this week’s read….

Brenda Neall: publisher & editor

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  Local News and Developments
Michael Jordaan (46), venture capitalist and former CEO of First National Bank (FNB), has been appointed chairman of Wines of South Africa (WOSA). Hailed as one of South Africa’s most visionary and progressive business leaders, the one-time CNBC Africa Business Leader of the Year for Southern Africa, is succeeding Johann Krige. 

Tiger Brands, South Africa’s largest food company, will write off about half of its investment in Dangote Flour Mills less than two years after buying a majority stake in the Nigeria-based producer.

Woolworths tops reputation list

Woolies has is number one in the Reputation Institute’s 2014 Pulse survey as the SA company with the best reputation.
Choppies chopping up the big retail boys
Few South Africans will have heard of the Gaborone-based retail chain Choppies, but chances are they are going to hear a lot more about it in years to come. The group has knocked SA retail giants such as Checkers and Pick n Pay into second and third place in Botswana, and it has big ambitions for southern Africa.
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In case you missed it
: Clover buys DairyBelle’s yoghurt, UHT assets
Clover has bought DairyBelle’s yoghurt and UHT milk businesses, including manufacturing, marketing and distribution, for R125-million and R30-million respectively.
Hostex Cape 2014
Africa’s leading hospitality, catering and foodservice exhibition starts next week at Cape Town’s CTICC. The latest trends, products, services and innovations will be on show, and the organisers have put together several specialist attractions such as the Nestlé Professional Golden Chef’s Hat finals, a Barista Competition and the Global Pizza Challenge. It’s always a fantastic event that gets better every year.
When: 21-23 May 2014
Where: CTICC
SAAFoST Northern Branch Lecture
“Climate Smart Agriculture and What it Means for Food Security”
Presented by Prof Mary Scholes, School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand
When: Thursday 29 May 2014
Where: 3M, Woodmead , Sandton
More info, email: [email protected]
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 International Developments
Five “mega trends” will shape PepsiCo’s “new normal,” asserts Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO. “… Future success is continued in our ability to capitalise on the trends shaping the marketplace, and there are five trends in particular I want to spend a moment highlighting,” Nooyi said on May 7, during the company’s annual shareholders meeting.
A new US documentary film, Fed Up, hit cinemas in North America last week. Following the likes of Supersize Me, Fast Food Nation, Food, Inc and the likes, it’s destined to ratchet up the anti-sugar pressures that are putting a squeeze on food manufacturers, in a way that’s looking set to go beyond anything before…. salt, trans fat, GMOs, artificial colourants…. 
Per capita, Vermont has more organic farms than any other state. Montpelier is America’s only McDonald’s-free state capital. A fitting place, then, for a law designed to satisfy the unfounded fears of foodies. Vermont, today, became the first state to enact a law requiring labels on foods with genetically modified ingredients after the governor signed the bill into law. The bill will go into effect in July 2016. 
“The most important reason for policy failure is the one that nutritionists are most reluctant to admit: many people are not interested in healthy eating”.
   An important aspect of evidence-based health policy is that one has to base policies not only on evidence of what works, but also on evidence of what does not work. According to Jack Winkler, a former professor of nutrition policy at London Metropolitan University, there’s a great deal of that in the healthy eating field. [Really challenging commentary and insights! Ed] 
A new giant in the coffee industry will be created after Douwe Egberts maker, DE Master Blenders, has merged with Mondelez’s coffee business. To be called Jacobs Douwe Egberts, will have $7bn of revenues, making it a strong challenger to industry leader Nestle. 

Dohler Ingredients

 Trends, Marketing and NPD

Big Food has become “big” as a result of a terrific success: their traditional marketing departments have helped generate billions in profits. But relying on one approach to marketing has left these players exposed in today’s fast-moving climate, argues this article from the Harvard Business Review


Earlier this year, an American blogger, Vani Hari, author of the Food Babe blog, scored a high-profile victory in her campaign against a common bread ingredient — the dough conditioner, azodicarbonamide, that’s also used in yoga mats and other plastics — when Subway announced it was dropping it from its dough recipe. The case highlights the powerful influence of online campaigns, and how they are changing the food industry. 

Coca-Cola remains the world’s most-chosen FMCG brand for the second year in Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint ranking. 
Meeting today’s health and wellness food/beverage demands has evolved into a complex—often seemingly contradictory—process of delivering health benefits through a combination of core whole/real food nutritional value and added specialty health ingredients. Elizabeth Sloane, contributing editor to the IFT’s Food Technology managazine, uncovers the year’s top 10 trends driving the market for functional foods and beverages. 

ICYMI: ‘Coffee flour’: The java you can eat
The world is in love with coffee. Unfortunately, the universal coffee addiction comes with some environmental costs from unavoidable waste. But, a new product, coffee flour, is looking to change this.
 See all 2014 trends reports here!

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 Food Science, Technology and Ingredients

Insects are food: time to eat them!

Arnold van Huis, an entomologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, studies the eating of insects, or entomophagy, and is the author of ‘Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security, published in 2013 by the UN’s FAO. This week he’s been hosting the first international conference to address the question of whether insects can feed the world.
Allergen proteins: Plant sanitation’s biggest challenge
Keeping allergen proteins out of products that shouldn’t contain them stretches sanitation protocols above and beyond microbe control. 
Like it or not, you’re a carnivore. You can eat meat or you can pass it up, but either way, spare yourself any moral agony — a new study confirms our brains are hardwired to justify such decisions to ourselves. 

A great dangers for the food industry is that consumers will develop their own conclusions about the safety of nano before the science is there.

ISO 22000, the international standard on food safety management systems was published in 2005. Since then, the markets’ needs have evolved and in September this year there are plans to revise the standard. You can add your input! 
ICYMI: Top ten myths in food manufacturing: the first five
Wayne Morley, head of Food Innovation at Leatherhead Food takes a look at the common misapprehensions that surround food manufacturing that can result in wasted time and effort in bringing new products to market.  

 Health and Nutrition
Claims of the healthy and life-extending properties of resveratrol, the much-hyped anti-oxidant ingredient in grapes, red wine and chocolate are unfounded, new research suggests. 

A healthier lifestyle is by far the main driver for the purchase of gluten-free goods, according to a new UK survey of shoppers, and not many buyers are impressed by their taste.  

New approach to treating peanut and other food allergies

These days, more and more people seem to have food allergies, which can sometimes have life-threatening consequences. Scientists now report the development of a new type of flour that someday could be used in food-based therapies to help people better tolerate their allergy triggers, including peanuts.
What goes in, must come out…. here’s an interesting, new and non-pharmacological approach to dealing with a global health problem. Constipation. Traditional laxatives could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the creation of a novel vibrating capsule that stimulates the digestive tract. 
Soylent is the drink that claims to contain all the nutrients the body needs. Invented by Rob Rhinehart, a 25-year-old American entrepreneur who has been living off his chalky “food substitute” invention for almost a year now, it was initially seen as laughable eccentricity, but that’s all changing…. 

Food bites…2014: They said it this week!

Canned food and BPA pose no threat
“WITH results showing virtually all the canned food products had no detectable BPA, these findings support the conclusions of regulatory agencies that epoxy can liners made with BPA are safe and do not pose a health risk to consumers of any age.
   “It reconfirms high-performance BPA-based epoxy coatings, which provide one of the highest levels of food protection, have extremely low levels of migration into foods.”
John Rost, chairman of the North American Metal
Packaging Alliance (NAMPA),  on latest Canadian BPA study, read more
Lies, damn lies, and research studies
“WE live in an era of unprecedented BS. It’s coming at you live from every corner of life. Not just from your Twitter feed, the government, the media, and those crazy cats in Hollywood. It’s coming at you from scientists in the form of misinterpreted studies, flawed research, and opinion dressed up as science.
   “I just finished reading a blockbuster Wall Street Journal article about how saturated fat does not cause heart disease. That’s right, folks. All those fat-free, heart-healthy diets backed by the American Heart Association and everyone else are bogus. It seems the entire “saturated fat is bad” kick that that changed all the food we buy and the way we eat was the result of a botched study by one very influential – and very persuasive – scientist from Minnesota, Dr Ancel Benjamin Keys.”
Steve Tobak, FOX Business, read more
Emotions are far more contagious than any disease…
“A smile or a panic will spread through a group of people far faster than any virus ever could.
When you walk into the office or a negotiation, then, wash your bad mood away before you see us. Don’t cough on us, don’t sneeze on us, sure, but don’t bring your grouchiness, your skepticism or your fear in here either. It might spread.”
Seth Godin, US management/marketing guru
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