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12 December 2013
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SmartStuff:    “Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?”  Nelson Mandela RIP

Editor’s Stuff: 12 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2014

This is something I look forward to every year. No, I’m not talking a about the welcome break around the corner, but my favourite trends report from highly-regarded UK food/drink think-tank and research company, New Nutrition Business.

The report aims to entertain and inform its customers with an annual analysis of the key trends in the business of food, nutrition and health. It’s used by the smartest companies in the world – from global giants to two-person startups.

The research is spot-on, the writing and journalism is superb and highly readable, and it’s not expensive, even in ZAR terms. It is, I believe, a worthy investment for most food-beverage producers.

FOODStuff SA, once again, is proud to brings reader an exclusive peak into the main elements of the 102-page report.
Enjoy this week’s read – and wishing you happy holidays! I’ll be back again mid January with the first newsletter of 2014.

Brenda Neall: publisher & editor
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  Local News and Developments

Pioneer opens new eco-friendly R0,5bn KZN bakery
Pioneer Food Group officially opened its new “green” R470m Sasko bakery at Shakaskraal, north of Durban, yesterday, 5 December 2013, giving it better access to the KwaZulu-Natal market.

Rooibos prices set to rise

The price of rooibos tea will rise by 15 percent from January next year because of supply constraints and growing demand, producer Rooibos Limited has said.

Food inflation higher than official numbers suggest

The increasing price of food remains a contentious issue, especially when compared to the official CPI data published by Stats South Africa, which shows a relatively under-control headline inflation rate of just under 6%. Russell Lamberti, head strategist at ETM Analytics, has been tracking a basic basket of goods since earlier this year and has found the real rate is double that.
Can SA farmers feed demand?
SA farmers are about to hit a sweet spot, one that could cause net farm income to rise steeply over the next decade, but farmers are not gearing up to take full advantage of the bumper years that are on the way.
Just in time for the summer entertaining season, PepsiCo SA/Simba has introduced Lay’s Deli, anew range of deli-inspired kettle-cooked potato chips 

NoMU launches first offering in ‘products of origin’ range

Cape Town’s ever-creative foodie company, NoMU, has launched another exciting product – an extra virgin olive oil sourced from one of SA’s top olive oil producers and beautifully packaged in a metal canister for stylish standout on shelf. 

New Black Cat peanut butter variants

Black Cat is an iconic South African food brand, associated with quality, taste and fun since 1926. The brand moved into the confectionery arena a few years ago – and now the latest iteration is back on the spreads shelf with two exciting new Black Cat flavours. 

food & drink technology Africa 2014 expo receives strong industry support

fdt Africa 2014, the inaugural food & drink technology Africa trade fair and conference takes place in Johannesburg, March 18 and 19, 2014, at Gallagher Convention Centre. Organiser, Messe München International and its subsidiary MMI South Africa, report the event has drawn strong support from exhibitors and is almost filled to capacity.
Indian billionaire buys three Franschhoek farms
SA’s wine and hospitality industry has attracted the attention of Indian billionaire businessman, Analjit Singh, who has bought three adjoining Franschhoek farms as well as a substantial stake in Mullineux Family Wines, Platter’s Winery of the Year for 2013.

In case you missed it:
Sweet deal for RCL Foods as it acquires TSB Sugar
RCL Food’s bought Foodcorp in April and now it’s putting TSB Sugar in its expanding pocket. TSB is one of South Africa’s leading producers of sugar (producing 30% of total output) with Selati being its flagship brand. 

QPro International

 International Developments

Reaction to retraction of controversial Séralini GM study

Perhaps the single most visible scientific study used to demonstrate possible health risks associated with consuming food produced by or containing GMOs has been retracted. What does its retraction mean and doesn’t mean for Monsanto products and GMO foods?
   Though the study has been officially dismissed, it will likely be difficult to undo the damage in the minds of consumers.

UK: Unilever to cut 2 000 jobs in cost-saving drive

Unilever will shed 2 000 jobs from its global workforce and remove more SKUs from its portfolio as the FMCG giant further streamlines its operations. 

Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals

Leading academic journals are distorting the scientific process and represent a “tyranny” that must be broken, according to a Nobel prize winner who has declared a boycott on the publications. 

Mondelez spending $190m on Asia Pacific plant

Mondelez International is investing $190m (R1,98bn) in a 134-acre multicategory plant in Andhra Pradesh, India. This follows news last month that it would be making another massive investment, a $100m Oreo and Belvita plant in the Czech Republic. 

Nestle to divest share in Givaudan, worth more than $1bn

Nestle is selling its 10% stake in Givaudan, the Swiss fragrance and flavour maker, and the largest in the world. The market is speculating the company may also sell its stake in L’Oreal.

 Trends, Marketing and NPD

Ten trends that will shape our world in 2014 and beyond

As the year winds down, December is an exciting time to look ahead. In its ninth annual forecast, JWTIntelligence shares ten key trends that will drive consumer mind-set and behaviour for 2014 and beyond.  

Five must-know African consumer trends to run with in 2014

Africa – and more importantly, African consumers – will be firmly on the global stage in 2014. has published this overview of five must-know African consumer trends (in random order) for businesses to run with in the next 12 months. Ready? Get set…Go!

Two magic words make regular coffee taste better, study finds

There are a lot of tricks to make coffee taste better – adding cream, sugar or perhaps even some pumpkin spice. But a new study published in PLOS ONE, the online journal, revealed an even simpler tactic. Just call the coffee “eco-friendly.” 

Ten common food terms that have lost all meaning

Fancy some sustainable, artisan chicken with a side of seasonal, gourmet greens? Such buzzwords have proliferated – qnd while words like “local” and “authentic” maybe once meant something, they’ve been so overused that their meanings have become diluted.

US: Consumers seeking health, adventure in the meat aisle

Diversifying palates and a focus on health in North America are driving increased demand for a range of atypical meats at the dinner table, introducing an element of adventure along the way, reports a new Nielsen study.  

On-trend cereal packaging

Specialist FMCG packaging company, Blackie and Associates, has created functional and fashionable new-look packaging for two South African cereal brands, one mass market, one more niched. 
12 top-level considerations for revitalising package design
Only half of all packaging redesigns increase sales, so before you make a change in your

packaging, make sure to consider all aspects of the new design.

ICYMI: 2014: The year of transformative flavours?
Consumers will enter a whole new arena of tasting adventures in the coming year, predicts US flavour house, Comax Flavors, combinations that will energise and intrigue food, beverage and spirit developers alike. 

Kerry Citrus

 Food Science, Technology and Ingredients

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola creating the cola of the future
To reverse category sales slump, soft-srink marketers partner with biotech companies to find low-sugar drinks that also taste good. The next chapter in the cola-marketing wars could be influenced as much by science labs as TV commercials. 
Aspartame poses no threat to consumers at current recommended levels of consumption, the outcome of a recent European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) risk assessment concluded this week (December 10).

Stevia companies target half-sugar soft drinks

The taste of stevia-derived sweeteners has come a long way in just a few short years, and the major stevia suppliers are now focusing on cutting sugar by half in mainstream soft drinks.

Natural no longer enough in food colouring

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to colouring foodstuffs as natural food colour is no longer good enough for many consumers. They are growing in popularity for food manufacturers because they are considered an ingredient and not an additive.

Researcher falsely states that energy drinks contain more caffeine than coffee
Research by radiologists at the University of Bonn finds that caffeine in energy drinks has cardiovascular effects similar to those of caffeine in other beverages. That’s not terribly surprising, but it is bound to be seen in a sinister light, especially as one of them incorrectly states that energy drinks contain more caffeine than coffee. 
There’s arguably no food so revered as the luxuriously flavoured black Périgord truffle. Now Australian scientists are revealing the secrets that give the culinary world’s “black diamond” its unique, pungent aroma.

Oats gain momentum in food formulations

Oats have drawn considerable attention for their content of the soluble fiber beta-glucan and its ability to trap bile and prevent its reabsorption.

Almonds 2013: larger crop, smaller size

The US supplies 80 percent of the world’s almonds, with one of the top producers, Blue Diamond Growers, reporting that manufacturers who use almonds will have to gear their recipes around much smaller-than-anticipated nuts.

ICYMI: Roquette wins top FiE innovation award for novel microalgae ingredient

Roquette’s innovative new microalgae High Lipid Algal Flour was recognised as the most innovative food ingredient at the recent FIE 2013 in Frankfurt – successfully reducing fat and replacing eggs while providing sustainability, health, functionality and cost benefits.

SC Products 

 Health and Nutrition

TIME’s Top Ten Health & Fitness Stories for 2013

Don’t waste your money: Vitamins and supplements don’t prevent chronic disease. Americans spend about $12 billion every year on vitamin and supplements, but research shows that healthy people probably shouldn’t bother.

Fat and healthy is a myth, new study says

So your body mass index says you’re obese, but you don’t have “pre-diabetes” – a mix of factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol and high glucose levels that indicates you’re on the road to metabolic illness. And you’re thinking you’ve beaten the odds, right?
   Wait 10 years, a new study says. Odds are, you’ll be proven wrong.

ICYMI: What grain is doing to your brain
It’s tempting to call David Perlmutter’s dietary advice radical. The neurologist and president of the Perlmutter Health Center in Naples, Florida, believes all carbs, including highly touted whole grains, are devastating to our brains.

 Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Stuff

Moon turnips? NASA takes gardening to new heights
NASA has announced that it plans a complex experiment to grow cress, turnips and basil on the moon – inside a seriously high-tech terrarium. 
Schmeat: a tasty-sounding word, but what does it mean?
Oxford Dictionaries’ intriguing runner-up for word of the year refers to the synthetic meat grown from a soup of antibiotics and foetal bovine serum. Feel schick yet?

Grapefruit inspires high-strength hybrid metal

Here’s an interesting fact about grapefruit: even though a mature fruit can weigh up to 2kg, they remain intact after falling from heights of over 10m. The secret lies in the structure of their peel. Scientists have copied that structure, to produce a new type of super-strong aluminium composite.

Food bites…2013: Getting it wrong, and right, on functional foods

“TRENDS fizzle out, products fail for many different reasons. But one of the biggest causes of failure is that many companies have been misled over the last 15 years into thinking that functional foods is about competing with supplements or offering an alternative to pharma – supplying the same benefits, but in a food form.

   Back in 2000 many people were forecasting that there would be a new area called functional foods, that would sit between food and traditional pharmaceuticals, or that there would be a convergence of foods with dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. In fact the opposite has happened.

   Food, supplements and pharma have been on divergent paths, and when you bring health benefits to food, it is as food first that you must make it work.”
New Nutrition Business
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