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Newsletter 11 March 2011



 Weekly Newsletter: 11 March 2011

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Editor’s Stuff – Single-system food safety audit hits delays
Single-system food safety auditLast February, in a long-awaited and much-debated development, the Consumer Goods Council of SA (CGCSA) announced plans to have a single, harmonised food safety audit in place by the third quarter of 2010. The duplication of audits by retailers is an expensive and time-consuming bone of contention for food manufacturers and this news was widely welcomed.

You, like me, may have been wondering about the apparent lack of progress on this project, and today the latest issue of Food & Beverage Reporter explains why. The reasons for its delay are two-fold: the recent resignation from the CGCSA of its key driver, Dr Lucia Anelich, manager of the Food Safety Initiative (FSI) division, and sticking points between the various retailers on the exact standards to be set. The implications of the Consumer Protection Act have also thrown a googly or two on to the pitch.

The CGCSA reportedly says all parties remain fully committed to the single audit and that its launch is a few months away. Read more here And read about the project here, on its announcement last year.
SANS 10049 food safety management standard released
The new SANS 10049, Food safety management — Requirements for prerequisite programmes (PRPs), long and eagerly awaited, was finally published in February 2011. It is a comprehensive standards document written for South African conditions. It replaces SABS 049 (SANS 10049:2001) Code of practice – Food hygiene management.

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Feature articles of the week

New way to measure fat

Scientists have developed a new way to measure whether a person is too fat without having people step on the scale. The new measure, called the Body Adiposity Index, or BAI, relies on height and hip measurements, and it is meant to offer a more flexible alternative to body mass index, or BMI, a ratio of height and weight, US researchers say.


The quackery of Patrick Holford

We could be forgiven if often we feel like Alice after falling down the rabbit-hole. We’re surrounded by a world in which we just don’t seem to fit – too big, too small, too fat, too old. In this confusion we’re easy prey for all manner of “quickety-quacks” with their remedies and fixes and enticing labels saying “Drink me” or “Eat me”….

This fabulous opinion piece exposes SA’s favourite nutritionist luvvy, Patrick Holdford, who seems to spend a fair deal of time in this country wooing the gullible and desperate with his lectures, books, and extensive range of supplements made by his employer, Biocare.

FOODStuff SA is published and edited by Brenda Neall.

Published every Friday on, this newsletter is a cherry-picking, agglomerating service for all food and beverage industrialists.

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