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 Weekly Newsletter: 4 March 2011

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Editor’s Stuff – A new era in green food packaging for SA!
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Let’s put aside the depressing stuff – a new outbreak of foot and mouth disease and global food prices at their highest in history – and rather look at this exciting new development for eco-friendly food packaging in South Africa: the launch of Sappi Enviropack that will see the rollout of an extensive range of food (and other) packaging made from sugarcane bagasse.
Sappi Enviropack green packagingThis is a joint venture between Sappi, who will produce the packaging at its Stanger mill, and Enviropack, the ‘green’ arm of AGQPE, the packaging business run by Amotz Golan, and which is well-known for its functional and innovative food packaging solutions. I was thrilled to interview both parties when in Jo’burg recently, and they’re bullish on this major step forward for enviro-friendly packaging in this country. And rightly so….

Sappi Enviropack’s offerings tick all the right boxes: filling the essential packaging functions of protection, preservation and promotion, but with biodegradable options that are made from a sustainable waste resource and which have a reduced carbon footprint (local manufacture and far fewer chemicals in the processing). No greenwashing here! Click here for the full story


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What is causing food prices to soar: what can be done about it?

Food crisisAround the world, the food system is in crisis. Prices have rocketed; they are now higher in real terms than at any time since 1984… Companies and governments are sounding the alarm and this attention is welcome. But today’s spike is only part of a broader set of worries. As countries focus on food, they need to distinguish between three classes of problem: structural, temporary and irrelevant. Unfortunately, policymakers have so far paid too much attention to the last of these and not enough to the first.

Breathing more profit into chocolate bars

aerated chocThe recipe for chocolate bars is fairly standard: cocoa, cocoa butter or other oils, sweeteners, and perhaps some nuts or a fruity filling. Now, with prices for cocoa, sugar, and other commodities soaring, candy makers are finding a simple ingredient—air—can help pump up profits.

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