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Heinz BBQ sauces for summer

With the braai season in full swing, Heinz has stepped in with four flavours to add a saucy “something extra” to summer mealtimes. Heinz BBQ Sauce comes in Original, Spicy, Smokey Honey and Brown Sugar, and is packaged in a convenient squeeze tube.

With the extensive variety of condiments available to consumers, the challenge put to Creative Licence was to create an eye-catching look and feel to showcase Heinz’s take on BBQ sauces.

The striking design of the Heinz BBQ Sauce range focuses on appetite appeal. Leaping flames on a black background aim for a sophisticated and premium feel that stands out from the clutter on-shelf. The flames are an instant visual cue – plainly marking the sauce as barbeque-flavoured. Versatility is the highlight of the range, and Heinz BBQ sauces can be used to pour, baste or marinade as the packaging suggests. Colour-coded bands clearly differentiate the four flavours.

Another important aspect was to incorporate the Heinz ‘keystone’ element, which is a core part of the brand’s graphic identity and is required to appear on all packaging. The product is scheduled to appear on shelves from November 2008.

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