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SAB can cup

New cup-can packaging for SAB

SABMiller has patented an easy-to-open beer can that converts into a drinking cup when the top has been removed, part of an effort by the world’’s second-largest brewer to speed up service and reduce waste at sporting events.

The container will be introduced at Soccer World Cup fan parks next month.

Developed by the world’s leading metal packaging manufacturer Crown Holdings, the new full aperture end, the first in the world, allows the entire can lid to be removed, turning the can itself into a drinking cup and removing the need for glassware and draught installations.

The new can was devised to reduce queues at bars around the event, with a quicker serving time, without compromising on the drinking experience. The can is fully recyclable, and has been developed exclusively for SABMiller with SAB Ltd as the lead market.

Maurice Egan, SABMiller’s Group Head of Manufacturing says, “With a predicted 400 000 visitors expected to visit South Africa and an anticipated 4-6% increase in demand for beer, the new can is a timely and practical innovation which has the potential to revolutionise beer drinking at large scale events.”

“Using a combination of Crown’s food and beverage can technology, the new full aperture end provides an exciting alternative to traditional cans and glass bottles that are typically prohibited at stadiums and arenas around the world,” says Chris Homfray, President Crown’s European Division. “Consumers can now drink directly from the container, streamlining the serving process by eliminating the need for pouring beverages into plastic cups. The Event Can also offers many benefits for today’s environmentally-conscious consumers. Metal can be recycled again and again and again without loss of or alteration in quality. In addition, the beverage can is the most recycled drinks pack in the world.”

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