New artisanal Robertsons Rubs

In keeping with the ‘Big-Food-needs-to-look-like-Small-Food’ trend, Unilever SA has launched a range of artisanal range of spice rubs under its massive Robertsons brand.

The range is inspired by the culinary flavours of Morocco, Brazil, Asia, South Africa, Mexico and America.

They feature key ingredients like juniper berries, smoked paprika and chipotle flakes, the rubs have no added MSG, no artificial preservatives or fillers.

New Robertsons Rubs are ideal for braaing, grilling or oven cooking and can be paired with red meat, chicken or seafood.

The range currently comprises of the following:

  • Cajun Creole Rub – Blended with smoked paprika, an exotic intense woody, husky flavour with a strong smoky background. Perfect pairing for lamb, seafood and poultry.
  • Oriental Nori Rub – Exotic blend of calendula and cornflowers with superfood nori flakes which add a salty sea flavour that elevates seafood and poultry dishes.
  • Rustic Karoo Rub – Contains lemon rind for a refreshingly deep citrus acidic taste. Made for lamb.
  • Fiery Mexican Rub – Blended with cayenne pepper a spicy chili pepper that is added to dishes to increase the heat of a dish and to add flavour. Ideal for any red meat dish and chicken.
  • Smoky Brazilian Rub – Chipotle flakes create a smoky, sweet and spicy flavour that compliments any cut of red meat.
  • Spicy Moroccan Rub – Blended with the juniper berry giving chicken and meat dishes an exotic pine-like scent and flavour.

Robertsons Rubs are available in-store at all major retailers at a recommended selling price of R39,99 (80g).