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Nando’s has put tremendous emphasis on Peri Deli’s ‘green’ status and it boasts a 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging range, claiming to be the first food outlet in Africa to solely use bagasse and PLA packs, bags and containers.

A proud supplier to Nando’s Peri Deli is Amotz Golan of AGQPE/Enviropack, who over the past two years or so has set out to establish reliable agency and distribution deals with Greener Solutions (HK), a supplier of green packaging based in Hong Kong and mainland China. ‘This move by a trend-setter such as Nando’s clearly shows that the momentum behind green packaging is picking up pace. Many other vendors in this sector will take note and I’m sure will follow suite in time, especially as fast food is such a large consumer of throw-away packaging,’ says Amotz.

Enviropack supplies sugar-cane bagasse clam shells to Peri Deli and, as Amotz emphasises, it is an excellent substrate for the application: ‘It is hydrophobic for or up to 72 hours, in addition to being microwavable, ovenable and freezable. You can bake a product at 200°C for up to two hours in bagasse packaging with virtually no effect on the material.’

And that’s not all – there’s nothing environmentally unfriendly when it comes to Peri Deli packaging:

Cutlery, straws and sipper lids for coffee cups: made with a mixture of PLA, cellulose from starch, corn and lime stone, the utensils are 100% compostable, biodegradable and natural and are able to withstand a temperature of 70°C.
Cups for tea and coffee: a standard bleached pulp paper is used for the cup exterior and PLA cellulose technology is used to make this cup completely biodegradable. the cups can withstand temp ranges up to 80°C.
Cardboard wrap-arounds and cup holders: the board is a locally made from 50% recycled pulp paper, 40% bagasse, and a 10% outer clay-coated board. Litho water-based inks are used for printing.
Sandwich wraps: plain greaseproof 40gsm paper is coated with 100% natural food-grade wax. Imported PLA-cornstarch film is used to create a clear window for the sandwich wrap.
Serviettes: these are made from a paper-based pulp, from unbleached material and said to be an innovation that is completely new and unique to Nando’s Peri Deli.
Self-adhesive labels: comprise gum-based adhesives on a simple bleached natural paper, and printed with water-based inks.

Wearing waste

It has been said that waste is nothing more than bad design and Nando’s Peri Deli has taken this to heart, even going so far as to incorporate post-consumer waste into its corporate gear, with all Peri Deli staff shirts made from recycled PET bottles. The fabric is remarkably soft and comfortable.

‘Nando’s has always been a market leader in its sector and as we realised back in 1995 that health has become an imperative for discerning consumers, we have now realised that the preservation of our environment is an equally important concern. And someone needs to lead the trend and “commercialise” recycling to encourage consumers. In Nando’s Peri Deli we are showcasing recycling both because we believe in its importance but also because we know that our customers will not expect anything less of us,’ comments Nando’s Kevin Utian.

About Enviropack

Enviropack, a subsidiary of AGQPE, offers a broad range of compostable trays and boxes made from sugar cane bagasse, PLA trays made by Faerchplast of Denmark and Permapack of Switzerland, as well as PLA cutlery. Hot-cups and lids of compostable products are also available.
Enviropack T +27 011 7283947; www.foodpackagingsystems.com

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media Magazine, October 2008

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