More fishy innovation from I&J

I&J Fish ‘n Crisps: Fish fingers in a potato crisp crumb

Claimed as a cutting-edge new product, I&J Fish ‘n Crisps add clever innovation and a new dimension to the fish finger category, as well as some interest to this everyday freezer standby beloved of children. 

I&J Fish n Crisps combine I&J fish with a 100% potato crumb coating that’s claimed to “taste, crackle and crumble” just like potato chips. There are three variants: Original, Tomato and Toasted Cheese.

I&J Fish n Crisps are packed in boxes of 12 fish fingers, they form part of the I&J Ideal Kids Meal range and are cooked from frozen.

I&J was the first to introduce fish fingers to the South African market in 1955, just behind the US and ahead of the UK. They were an instant hit with consumers and have remained so for 55 years. 

I&J Fish Bakes

I&J Fish Bakes

Appropriate for lean economic times, I&J has introduced a cost-effective wholesome family product, I&J Fish Bakes.

I&J Fish Bakes are individual portions containing a combination of fish and potatoes, in popular flavours like garlic, parsley and lemon and coated in I&Js crispy crumb.

I&J Fish Bakes come in two different popular flavours, Garlic & Parsley and Lemon, with six portions to a pack. Cooked from frozen, and perfect for oven-baking, I&J Fish Bakes not only offer tasty, filling and affordable meals for the whole family, they offer great convenience and the healthiest way of cooking them too.