Keeping opened wine, perfectly

Only a few years ago, many top-end restaurants were boasting abut their new Enomatic systems, high-tech preservation units that allow hostelries to serve wines by the glass and protect the rest of the bottle contents with argon gas, thus ensuring not a drop is spoiled by extended exposure to oxygen. Now there’s have a new, simple, man-in-the-street competitor: winesave

An Australian invention, the winesave aerosol can comprises 100% pure argon – a colourless, odourless natural gas with no taste – that’s spurted into wine bottles which are then resealed with their own closure for unsullied later consumption. This new and and extremely simple product has even secured the blessing of the world’s wine goddess, Jancis Robinson, and you can read her review here.

Winesave’s Frank Wilden tells FOODStuff SA that the level of interest in winesave is extraordinary, with export enquiries from 25 different countries received in the last eight weeks since it began a digital marketing campaign. He reports: “We have had a number of enquiries from SA to import our product, though as  yet nothing has been finalised. We are certainly interested in developing the SA market.” Winesave retails for about £20 a go in the UK.