My Food Addiction show

Jamie Oliver, Patrick Holford and Tim Noakes to star in reality TV show

A first of its kind reality TV series, guest starring the legendary Jamie Oliver, Patrick Holford and Professor Tim Noakes, will be hitting South African screens next year.

“My Food Addiction” will be anchored by Holford, a world renowned psychologist and nutritional expert [some say quack], who will each help South African contestants to tackle their addictive eating habits.

According to the press releaase, the social experiment reality TV show will take contestants and viewers on a journey to discover their food triggers and the intoxicating effects these triggers have on their bodies.

Holford and Noakes will develop science-based, tailored programmes for individuals seeking help with specific health issues such as weight loss, diabetes, digestion, and inflammation. Through the course of the show these participants will learn how to take charge of their health and live a better, fuller life.  

No details on the screening start date are supplied.