I&J launches Chicken Bangers and Ostrich Burgers

I&J has launched two new convenience eats: Chicken Bangers and Ostrich Burgers.

I&J Chicken Bangers

These new bangers, says the company, add variety, goodness and alternative choice to the sausages available in supermarkets. Made of 100% real chicken, with breast meat as the main ingredient, they also have othery natural ingredients that enhance their succulence and flavour. 

They do not contain any added MSG or colourants. “With eight sausages in each pack, these versatile bangers are cooked from frozen as an alternative to fattier sausages, with no loss of succulence, flavour, versatility, goodness or convenience,” notes a company press release.

I&J homestyle Ostrich Burgers

Ostrich burgersTo meet the demand for healthy eating, yet to satisfy those with a yearning for a beefy taste, I&J has introduced I&J HomeStyle Ostrich Burgers; premium quality, lean burgers that will “add great choice and variety to family meals; they are also perfect for couples, singles and those watching their waistline”.

Ostrich is the healthy alternative for red meat eaters. Although classified as red meat, ostrich has a much lower fat content than beef, lamb and pork – and poultry.

Each pack of I&J Ostrich Burgers contains six ready-to-cook burgers which for quick convenience are cooked from frozen. They are Heart Mark Approved by the SA Heart & Stroke Foundation of South Africa.