Huletts launch new Equisweet with stevia

The second stevia-based sweetener has been launched in SA, with Huletts débuting EquiSweet sweetener with Stevia Plant Extract that, it says, offers consumers seeking balanced lifestyle choices an alternative to enjoy all of the sweetness of sugar with none of the guilt. It is asparteme free. [Click to enlarge]

Says a Hulett’s press release:

“In September 2012, the Department of Health authorised the use of stevia in South Africa, giving Huletts the opportunity to respond to global trends in introducing a sweetening solution and meeting consumer demand for natural products.

Huletts EquiSweet with Stevia Plant Extract is made from the stevia extract called ‘Reb A’. There are similar extracts known as steviol glucosides found in the stevia plant, but Reb A offers the sweetest and the greatest taste.

Huletts-Stevia cartonIt is heat stable, retaining its sweetness when exposed to high temperatures which makes it an excellent sugar substitute in teas, coffee, cold beverages, cooking and baking. Reb A is 150-400 times sweeter than sugar, and has a liquorice aftertaste.

Huletts EquiSweet with Stevia Plant Extract is available in a handy comes and vibrantly orange-coloured 100s tablet dispenser. It is also available in a 100’s sachet carton that has a flip-top lid with a closing lock system for convenient use and storage.”

In late October, specialist sugar-free foods company, Cape Town’s Delite Foods launched Tantalize, a stevia leaf extract liquid sweetener.