Future farming

How to make eggs without any chickens

Future farming LThe future of food doesn’t have to involve animals….

Technology is really a marvel. So often, as new advances come out that allow us to do things that were thought impossible in the past, we hear the phrase “The future is now.”

Popular Science and XPRIZE have teamed up to explore and explain technologies like these in a video series called Future First.

In this episode, Future First takes a look at how modern farming operations deviate from stereotypical bucolic pastures.

Modern agriculture can be detrimental to the environment, public health, and animal welfare. However, there are now ways to replicate meat and animal byproducts (milk and eggs) using science.

New Harvest is a non-profit that uses these methods to work towards a “post-animal bio-economy.” Isha Datar, its CEO, explains more about what to expect from the food of the future.

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Source: wwwpopsci.com