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House of Coffees introduces new stick pack range

House of Coffees has joined the trend to stick packs, giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy tasty convenience coffees, cappuccinos and chococcino’s, in minutes.

There are four variants in the range: Paris Café Au Lait, a frothy milky coffee; Mexico Mocha, a decadent chococcino; Vienna Cappuccino; a creamy cappuccino, as well as the skinny version – the New York Skinny.

“The stick packs provide a step away from regular filter coffee by allowing everybody to enjoy luxurious speciality coffees with utmost ease and convenience. Our new range of stick packs will change your perception when it comes to preparing speciality coffees,” says Monique Burger, brand manager at House of Coffees. “With the new House of Coffees stick pack range, an authentic coffee shop experience from anywhere in the world is never more than a snip, pour and stir away.”

Burger adds that the new stick packs are its answer to keeping in line with global trends offering all the indulgence without the fuss.

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